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[Sentience] How did this even happen?
I made a fully independent/vocal Tulpa within under a week through a strange method. The Tulpa that was made through this method [Rose Berry], seemed to have copied off of Cloud Crackle's progress. And merged mine, and Crackle's personalities together, making her own independent personality. I am wondering if anything similar has happened here before?

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For the whole of it, I did the same thing and my thoughts on it were that I already had gone through the vocality/sentience issues myself the first time. It was like because I had already put myself through the trials of making and maintaining a tulpa, I was in the right place to just make another. I even merged them, long story there.

But I see what you're thinking about, and I think it's because you're already the right sort of way after making a tulpa, so there wasn't much for you to do to make more.
Once you have one tulpa, additional ones are much easier to add. Some people even have ones who showed up spontaneously. I've heard of merging and splitting off as well, but it's not as common.
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Thank's for the help Smile
Think of it as any learned task. You can learn to drive a car or ride a 10-speed bike. It doesn't mean you don't know how to drive a truck or a cruizer style bike. It's really the same thing. You learned the task and how to do it, and so you already know how to make the shortcuts to doing that without having to think about it.
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Yea, I just got Sigma today, and all I had to do was think about getting another one and what he might be like! Not even very long either, just a causal musing. It was really shocking, and I felt like I cheated somehow.
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