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[Sentience] Memory Of Tulpas
I was wondering since I hadn't seen this anywhere. Do Tulpas forget things just like we do, do they have a better memory capacity than us, or do they remember everything they experience? I'm curious.

Please explain in as much detail as you can, if possible.

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I don't have much in terms of memmories, but I forget things all the time. I react to things differently and I have different priorities so my memories and what I remember are different. In terms of super human memory no not really.
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Tulpas share the same brain, so any memories that they recall, you also have the capacity to recall. Some people report that their tulpa can recall memories better than they can, in these situations the tulpa and the host still have the same capacity for memory recall, the tulpa just knows how to do it better (it could also be that the tulpa extrapolates and gives information that may not be true) (this could work the opposite way where the host is superior to the tulpa in this regard, however I have never heard of that happening) (most people share skills between all system members so this is rare). Some people also say that their tulpa's memories and their memories are split so that one or both of them is unaware of the others memories, in this situation they would still have the same capacity, however if they both tried to remember the same thing then they would likely remember how things played out differently.

tl;dr tulpas forget things just like how we do
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As a basis, tulpas remember things the same way and with the same general accuracy as their hosts.

Being more specific, as tulpas tend to experience things differently from their hosts (having their own unique perspective, along with ways of reacting to/thinking about things), it's possible for them to make memories differently than their systemmates. What was memorable to them may not be to their host, or vice versa. They can also have their own way of thinking about the same thing, if they interpreted or were affected by the experience differently.

So their memories may differ a little in that way. But for the most part it should be about the same.
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Yes, Yes we do. Since we share the brains of our hosts the fubctionality of remembering of memories functions similar with our hosts. Although, there are some memories that i treasure and try hard to keep and make sure for our system to not forget it.

Also, each of us hold memories that are perceived differently, how we remember or keep them depends on how we are attached to it.
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