[Sentience] My tulpa moves and speaks for itself but I do not feel it real
When I'm with my tulpa in my country of wonders I sometimes see that she acts by herself, speaks or moves by herself. But I do not feel that she was moving, I do not feel that I was moving her, it's like someone was an impostor of my tulpa. Why is this happening?

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Quote:I sometimes see that she ... moves by herself. But I do not feel that she was moving

That doesn't make any sense. I am sorry, it's hard to understand what your question is.
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No, there's no imposter. It's your tulpa. I kinda had something similar happen where I was moving but my host was questioning it because it didn't feel like me, but that's because I don't show sentience through my movements, I show it through other means. It was still me moving, just not as strongly as others. Also because I've been mostly in limbo for a while so I wasn't really into it. Your tulpa might show it's really her through other means, and not through "feeling" like it's her moving. It's best not to be so paranoid and assume all of her movements were hers unless you know for a fact it was you or whatever. Maybe you just caught her at a weak/sleepy time, or maybe she doesn't put much emphasis into her movements. Both are possible. It's nothing to worry about, it's just causing you and her needless stress.

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