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[Sentience] Parroted head pressure?
I just recently began working on bringing Alice, my new friend, into the world. This is my third day of solid work, and I have put in several hours of forcing. However I wasnt expecting to feel head pressures so quickly, when I testingly asked a question. So I was wondering whether or not it is possible to want to hear from your new friend so much that you create your own head pressures. I have already apologized to alice for doubting her if these turn out to be plausible, but I was just wondering if anyone would share their thoughts.

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The general consensuses on the .Info board is that if you are afraid you are parroting odds are good you are not since parroting is a conscious effort.

I think this can apply to head pressure as well. Just assume it was her and keep going with it.
What Amber said, just assume it was her. While I believe it's totally possible to self-induce head pressures, you most likely didn't do that yourself because as mentioned before, it would have to be a conscious efford.
As a side note, I have gotten an extreme emotional response within first few hours of forcing, so don't think that it's too early. You might just be a person with great forcing potential!
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Thanks everyone. I should have known better than to doubt alice. And Psi: I really hope so. I cant wait to get fully aquainted with alice.
i've been mancing for like a few hours a day so me and red have a pretty good sync with me and her/him i told red i was going to tulpamance with him/her alittle longer each day.



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