[Sentience] Parroting and puppeting concerns solved
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So, you're worried about parroting or puppeting, correct? When they move or speak you're certain you made them do it a moment before they did, however you did not conciously make them do it?
Well, time for a big realisation because those movements and words do belong to the tulpa. It is their development, however as they are not distinguished/seperate from you yet (meaning they are still a part of you, you have not made an entirely seperate being yet) their words and movements will feel as if you did them, rather than being entirely alien. This will progress over time, however for the moment you need to believe thag this is your tulpa, it just is not distinguished from you enough to feel like a seperate being.
I suppose you could see it as using your energy to move itself, therefore it is using you as a boost which would clearly feel as if you made them do it, however you did not

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This doesn't really solve anything. It goes along with the already established notion that puppeting and parroting are entirely concious efforts so if you're not sure than odds are good you didn't do it.

This also needs to be edited for clarity but it doesn't offer anything new.
I kind of thought the same. It's a useful concept that people should be aware of, but it's not quite enough on its own. And it's been brought up elsewhere multiple times, so.
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"It's your tulpa don't doubt it you just gotta believe!!!" is the worst advice. There are other, better topics about how to handle parroting, puppeting and doubts already. This one offers nothing new and only adds to the confusion, so I'm not approving.
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Sorry, not approving either.
Not approving
It really needs more content. Add some more original stuff. But for now, not really anything worth a second glance.
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