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[Sentience] The Influence of the Host's Thoughts on Autonomy
I had an interesting thought that River, my tulpa, didn't know the answer to. I can't say I blame him, he's less than a month old and the progress we've made thus far has been beyond my expectations. He did think it'd be worthwhile to see what everyone's opinions are here, host and tulpa alike.

Basically I asked him if having my thoughts open to him may have a negative impact on his growth. My theory was that he may not as readily form his own opinion on matters if he's using my thoughts for information. In other words, my thoughts would be his thoughts as opposed to listening to me and forming his own opinion independent of my conscious stream of thought.

Given this information does anyone have any, ahem, thoughts on this? Basically, I'm wondering if it'd be good for us to close access to my thoughts in real time and let him access my knowledge, memories, and past thought processes.

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You're definitely right that there is some spillover where your thoughts and emotions will influence those of your tulpa, but it's not as much as you'd think.

Fench has had access to my thoughts for around a year now, and she has a number of thoughts and emotions that I wouldn't have. Things that trigger anger or fear or lust in me don't do so in her, and she's always there advising me to take a step back and calm down before I'll do anything I regret.

I wouldn't say that I've seen any really strong emotions in her, but she does experience worry and frustration independently of me, and she definitely has a number of thoughts that wouldn't occur to me.
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But your tulpa knows that your thoughts are yours, he won't mistake them for his own, so what negative impact could it have? Using your thoughts for information isn't different than using any other source, right now you are using our thoughts for information would you say that has a negative impact in your ability to form your own opinion?

Listening to your stream of consciousness gives your tulpa a lot of things to think about since you think about a lot of things that you probably wouldn't mention to him in an everyday conversation, your tulpa is young and you and the things you show him are his only way of learning about the world, if he still doesn't know what kind of things interests him or what he likes to do then he needs to be in contact with a wide array of topics to see what catches his attention, the more tools you give him the better.

Of course you could try closing access for a few days and see what happens, if it doesn't work you can always open access again and nothing is lost, I must say that my first weeks of forcing I didn't give Esmeralda access to my thoughts, but I did narrate about everything, even basic things like the type of cars I saw on the streets, it's fine if you don't want to influence your tulpa opinions and/or likes too much but remember that nobody can form an opinion about a subject they don't know anything about.
So my stream of consciousness is kinda like a different sense for him at this point, insofar as being a way in which to sense the world around me? Because there's definitely a marked difference between me narrating to him and/or conversating with him and me thinking. And when I've had a lot going on and I haven't had a chance to decompress, my mind wavers between communicating with him and my normal thoughts.

I do have to say that I'm finding the process very fascinating, not merely for tulpamancy but also recognizing the different ways my mind accumulates, assesses and articulates information to me. If that makes any sense.
I wouldn't say a different sense but just a tool more he can use to learn about the world, as a person of xx years you have a lot of information accumulated that is second nature to you but that your tulpa doesn't have the faintest idea about, the problem is that you probably wouldn't think about telling him about this things since they are so ingrained within you you don't realize he may not know them and even if he has access to your knowledge he can't look for something he doesn't even know exists, I don't know if I'm explaining myself well.

And if your tulpa isn't independent yet then listening to your thoughts may give him the stimulus to not just lay inert doing nothing while you aren't talking to him, although this seems to work different for many tulpamancers and doesn't really matter if he is already independent enough to do his own thing while you aren't paying attention to him, basically everything I'm saying is based on my own experience.
Thanks OCD, I've asked him and he seems eager to do this. I've also asked him to watch my thoughts for opinions and to form his own based only on knowledge. He's been endowed w a heavy dose of problem solving and logic, so maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt when deciding which of my thoughts have any merit.

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