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Sharpster25s Journal
Hi everybody, I thought I'd start a journal here to track mine and my tulpas progress as he grows.

A few things to note, I'm new to the whole keeping a journal/blog thing so i might royally screw this up. And as a brony, I'm drawn to the idea my Tulpa having the form of a pony, more specifically, my mlp OC named Silent Waters. Though I have told him (my tulpa) that he can change anything he doesn't like, including both name and form. That's about it, on with my first post then XD.

Prelude/The first day - 05/09/2014
Having spent over two weeks researching everything I could find out about Tulpas I decided to delve into it and create my own.

So that evening I sat in bed and started on my first forcing session, I decided that the first order of business was our dreamscape, just so my mind would have a place to be instead of an empty black void while i forced Silent himself. About an hour later I'd created what looked like an modern studio apartment, it was still quite bear though with only a sofa and a few other bits of simple furniture, and it looked a bit fuzzy and out of focus, but at that point I stopped for the day, I was getting a major headache from concentrating for a much longer time than i was use to.

Starting his personality - 06-07/09/2014
I'd spent most of those days passively forcing Silent, mostly chatting to him in my head while i went about my day. I'd decided to give him a few traits and perks that i wanted but other than that I'd let him develop on his own. During my forcing sessions on those days I spent about 1 1/2 hours each evening just sitting on the sofa in my dreamscape talking to a glowing ball of light about anything that i happened to be thinking of. Not much really of note happened during that time, i did get a few emotional responses and a few headaches in a specific point in my head, just a bit above and behind my right ear. I took these as a sign he was already 'sentient' which had me in a good mood. Big Grin

He Speaks! - 08/09/2014
As you can probably tell by the title, Silent spoke for the first time that day, it was during our forcing session in the evening, I was sitting and chatting as usual when suddenly i hear him pipe up "Sharpster", it threw me off a little that he called me by my online name instead of my real name, but meh. As soon a i heard that i eagerly asked if it was him, the response i got was .... well "Of course dips**t". The way he said it was all in jest though and it made me laugh. i didn't get much response after that though.

My mind was in turmoil - 09/09/2014
I had to give up on the evening forcing session that day, i spent about half an hour trying to get into our dreamscape but my mind felt like there was a hurricane blowing through it, i just could not concentrate, so nothing really got done.

And now we're up-to-date, I'll try and update this daily on what i've been doing, until then, see ya Big Grin

P.S. Thought i'd include a picture of My mlp OC, which hopefully Silent will like enough to keep, if not ah well, it's his choice on what form he takes. [Image: silent_waters_by_kenolax21-d7t63xz.png]
Edit: completely forgot about this, here's a link to the artist who drew this rather nice picture:

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Hi again people, me and Silent have made some progress (yay). On with the update!

Got plenty of passive forcing done throughout the day. Silent answered a few of my simpler questions, mainly I was asking him what he thinks about the DVDs and CDs i was sorting through at work (i work in a charity shop, we get loads of that sort of stuff donated). Also managed to get a 2 hour active forcing session in the early evening, i mostly used the time to chat some more to him in our dreamscape (which is starting to look sharper and clearer), though he was quiet then, only heard a couple of words out of him.

....That was odd - 11/09/2014
Ok, something weird happened today, I accidentally entered our dreamscape while i was passive forcing today, I was still awake but i just felt disconnected from my body and my mind wandered there, should i be worried about that?. other than that a pretty similar day to yesterday. One thing took my notice in our dreamscape in our active forcing session, there's now a small table next to the sofa with a Hi fi system on it that i didn't add, Could Silent have added it? I assume it was but no harm in asking.

That's it i think, and it's the weekend tomorrow! plenty of time to spend with Silent XD

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