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Should I create a tulpa?
I am very new to the whole idea of tulpas, but they seem so interesting to me. I'm completely inexperienced with anything of this sort, but for the past few days I have been rigorously researching tulpas and people's experiences with them, and it definitely sounds like an amazing thing. It makes me happy just thinking about having a little buddy with me at all times.

The only thing is, I believe that I have Borderline Personality Disorder (I have many of the symptoms but have not talked to a professional) and I often suffer from short times of severe depression, especially while I'm alone. I tend to wallow in self-loathing during these times.

I know that I will probably still be able to create a tulpa, but should I? It sounds like such an interesting thing and I really want to look into it some time but the last thing I would want to do is create a tulpa in an unsuitable environment. I definitely dont want the tulpa to suffer. Am I not mentally fit enough to be a good host?

(Regardless of whether or not I should create one, I haven't seriously considered creating one yet and I have a lot more research to do before I start the process. I am just hoping that the responses to this thread can help me figure out if I should continue down the path of tulpa creation)

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As long as you have the time and dedication to keep forcing and don't intentionally treat it badly, you should be fine.
Tulpas can be very forgiving of "unsuitable environments". If you don't want it to hate you for your depression, it very likely won't.
Just don't neglect your forcing - because you won't make progress like that.
The fact that you care enough to have those concerns already counts for something.

A tulpa may even help you get over your depression and self-loathing as you'll have someone there with you to cheer you up when you feel down.

I can't tell you what to do of give any guarantees as to how it will go because everyone is different.
So you'll have to think about it on your own and do what you feel is right.
I'm bipolar, personally mine cheers me up when I feel depressed or upset. Honestly I even consider it a good bonding experience. I don't really see anything disastrous happening.
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You should be fine if you do choose to make a tulpa. Since you have taken the time to consider what would be best for your tulpa that tells me that you are just the sort of human that a tulpa could hope to have but rarely does.

Hmm, as to depression, don't expect a tulpa to cure you as some may suggest: that's kind of the domain of professionals. Whilst it's possible, that takes a strong and experienced tulpa (i.e. that would take a long time).

Be well, and remember: look after yourself.
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Ggrey, I guess since you’re using the Borderline Personality Disorder as a major component to your question on whether or not you should create a tulpa, you’re wondering if tulpas can be created decently under conditions where the host has mental states what wouldn’t cause detriments to the process of creating one.

There’s individuals with so many other disorders, and other physical and mental ailments, and are still able to create a tulpa, or one that may come out based on overwhelming events where reasons for the existence of a tulpa in this circumstance is subjective. In other words, there’s anecdotal cases where individuals seemed to have created a tulpa in “unsuitable environments,” and even “unsuitable mental states” from the host.

Asking if you should create a tulpa, especially if you’re concerned about this disorder in your self-diagnostic (which is probably something you should seek professionals to confirm if you really have this disorder, or if it’s just regular angst people have every now and then), is asking if you should be privileged to create someone that you’re perceiving in your own head. We can’t really tell you if you should go ahead and make a tulpa, but something to keep in mind is that the natural presumption is to be in a tranquil mental state, for the sake of reducing dangerous situations.

As for having to have unwavering actions in not neglecting your forcing, you can still make progress even if you find yourself not forcing as much. Some people may quit, then come back after a few months, and ask common queries like “should I start from the one I wanted to create initially, or create a new one?” There may be real life circumstances where you’ll have to assess what takes more priority, and such. The idea is that having a consistent, and unyielding mentality on this isn’t really something you have to abide yourself to. Sometimes, going on and off can allow an individual to see the experience in a new light, and can contribute to them progressively improving on their own ways of assessing what to do in the tulpa creation, and development; maybe this could be another form of perseverance, since the host would be going through trial-and-error even if their tulpas are "sentient," or just prevalent to them.

I guess when individuals emphasize, and want to argue that one shouldn’t neglect their forcing are probably fixated on achieving short-term breakthroughs, rather than contemplating that one has their whole life to gradually contribute in creating, and interacting with a tulpa. Whatever choice you want to make, just know our opinions are subjective, and is just what we feel is pragmatic, and/or worked for us. There’s so many circumstances where a tulpa can be created, that it’s hard to give you any inherent standards on this. However, this adds on to the beauty that you don’t have to be constrained by what this person, or what that person declared on pragmatism behind tulpas in general.

Your disorder may contribute in having a tulpa that may gradually help you tolerate, or even overcome it (but of course, their existence doesn't really have to be created just for that purpose). It's not really too surprising that a thought-form may come in to help a host out with certain strife-filled situations, and the host wanting to engage in some long-term interaction with them.
Hosts with all kinds of disorders make tulpas. The most common one I've seen is Autism, for some reason. I've even heard of schizophrenics with tulpas, though that's quite rare. BPD should be fine, just try staying as sensible as you can.
Thank you for all the responses. I've read through them all and it sounds like it should be ok (and possibly even beneficial?) to create a tulpa in my current mental state as long as I'm doing my best to control my emotions when I am creating it. I'm still a little ways off from doing so, but it seems a lot more plausible now. Maybe some time there will be a progress report by me Smile
I have Asberger's Syndrome and severe depression, still I see my tulpa like a guardian because he convinced me not to kill myself. I knew he'd die too, and I promised I'd never try any self-harm, since then I've kept my promise, I think having a tulpa is a great gift to anyone who can create one, as long as you don't create and then ignore it, and as long as you don't lose control of it. However it really all depends. To be honest I've only had Alecto around for four years or so, and I seem to have lost him and I've been trying forum suggestions to try and bring him back.

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