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Should I create a Tulpa?
Honestly, I've never believed Tulpas to be more then an imaginary friend. But now that school is starting, I need a friend to talk to during class. Are Tulpas alive? Can anything bad happen? Huh

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Why ask others to make the decision for you? If you want to make one make one.

To answer your other questions- debatable depending on who you ask, and maybe if you're a douche to your tulpa at some point.
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Well, they're more than imaginary friends, but ancdotal evidence doesn't get one very far in the field of scientific inquiry. I talk to my tuppers during class all the time (school starts tomorrow for me, ironically) so go ahead if you want.

No tulpae are not alive in the scientific sense, they have no cells, don't use energy, have DNA, and some other defining features. They do, however, tend to exhibit all the traits of any regular old person or personality-possessed thing besides manifesting physically outside the realm of the host. If they possess your body, then the only thing that has made you, well, you (your own conscious mind) has now been disconnected from your body, leaving that to your tulpa, but that still doesn't qualify as "alive", per say. It's not independent and can't come about by natural means, with its own inherent physical manifestation.

They are more like other personalities that can manifest mentally and be just as valid as your or my mind, but it's not our mind that makes us alive (think of plants). They are described as and can be in the colloquial sense, as alive, just as it has a consciousness of its own. I hope I helped out, good luck!
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I made Chuul despite my minor qualms and questions I ha and don't regret having him around at all. Having a tulpa is an individual experience for each person who chooses to have one, and I think it's an experience that's worthwhile for everyone. In the end your tupper probably won't just be someone you talk to during class but also someone you're really close to and can share your concerns and hopes with.

As to whether or not anything bad can happen, I know that some people have had hostile tulpas; when that happens I say that you should either force your tulpa to change or scrap it and create a new one. Both options sound cruel to some degree but they definitely keep your experience from turning disastrous.

It's your choice, mate, but if you want me to give you a suggestion I'd say Go Ahead. And remember that nobody creates a tulpa in exactly the same way: go about it as you see fit.
If you want someone to talk to durin class I would suggest making a real life friend. A tulpa is a long term commitment not a thing to do out of boredom.

If you want an imaginary friend then go for it but if you don't think tulpas are real and I you don't take this seriously then I wouldn't bother if I were you.

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