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Should I Make Another?
Today is my first tulpa Callista's birthday. I wanted to do something special for it but ended up just forcing her a necklace with a dolphin on it. Dolphins are her favorite animal and it matches one that I have with a dragonfly. She seemed kind of disappointed and suddenly asked me if I could make another tulpa.
I already have 2 and didn't intend on having more, but that's largely because it never occurred to me. It's definitely not out of the question.
Callista and my second tulpa, Lorcan, have been dating for a couple of months and they've been having a few problems. When I've been spending time with Callista she's been pretty quiet and despite my offers to do things with her she's preferred to read or paint. She, Lorcan, and I are currently the only people who occupy the wonderland, and if she's feeling awkward around him it might also help if I added NPCs, not that I would necessarily mind making another tulpa.
Is Callista asking me for a third one a good enough reason to make another or should I try instead to help her feel better around Lorcan again and add non-sentient people to the wonderland instead?
(At this point I really don't know if I want another one or not.)

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i have people in trinity and while we are making towns for them me and red think that having more people and having a inter-dimensional hotel makes life less lonely for us. (slenderman is a real dance monster in the dance floor) but a few people i n your wonderland can't hurt. be they sentient or non-sentient.


Non-tulpa people you add work basically like the people in dreams. They don't have much interesting to say because they don't think or have experiences, and they freeze or stop existing when they go out of view. (Admittedly a not-very-parallel-yet tulpa may have the same freezing issue.) Thus non-tulpa wonderland inhabitants can be interesting to play with for a little, but quickly become boring, sort of like NPCs in video games.

If you, Callista and Lorcan are all fine with having a third around, I'd say go for it. The other two might even be able to help force the new tulpa.

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