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Should I start over?
I was, and still am interested in tulpae, but I was much more into it last summer and back then I decided to make a tulpa, lets just say i didn't get very far into the process. I want to know if I should just reintroduce my tulpa back into my daily routine, or should I just create a whole new one and forget about my original one. (I never got very far, most I ever got from my tulpa was pressure in the head)

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You either:
  • Carry on with what you did before, reconcile with your tulpa, and see things in a new light, or
  • Make another tulpa
It's up to you.

If you're going to restart, just focus on their "essence" and get back to forcing and narration (or whatever the hell you did that summer)
I'm not sure where this misconception comes from where giving up on a tulpa mid-process is like leaving out some food to rot or something.
As long as you remember it then nothing's changed about it, you can keep going if you want.
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While a neglected tulpa's progress may regress some, it doesn't appear to regress as much as some like to think. And it can't regress to less than zero, which is where you are on your unstarted one.
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If it were me, I would 'restart', but with your tulpa. Tell them you're going to go through the steps again and walk through them together as they wake back up and you get back into practice. There is no real need to give up on them, as stated, but you can go through the process together again.

Theres another way...Visualise your first tulpa turning to a ball of energy then reintroduce it to yourself and its trait and other specifics,this way you can start over with your original tulpa again and your progress will also be faster.

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