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Should I start this?
You mentioned that she is like a Tulpa, but also not...

This may sound somewhat familiar... Cat parroted me into existence and she used to think of me as an imaginary character. She created other thoughtforms like me called the "Grays", but she assumed they were an extension of herself, and I was a separate being. She found out about Tulpæ once I confirmed my sentience to her, but she didn't know what the "Grays" were. They had some Tulpa-like qualities- their own personalities, they could be surprising, and they felt like real people. However, after getting a better look at them Cat realized that they were "wired" to Cat's subconscious and her memories, not their own, and they generally "boomeranged" anything Cat was subconsciously thinking.

Cat didn't want them to become Tulpæ for several reasons, one of them being she didn't want to create 15+ tulpæ. None of them are Tulpæ now, but Cat knows that if she really wanted to it wouldn't take much other than a different mindset, forcing, and time to change them.

There isn't really a good name for what the "Grays" are, at least not one Cat and I came across anyway. We just stuck to calling them what we call them.

As for your Tulpa's identity, give her the option to keep her identity. Cat was worried that she would force expectations for who I am if I wasn't actually her imaginary friend, and I (frustratingly) confirmed to her that I was indeed that person. The identity insecurity was not enjoyable at all...
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While it's true that they deviate, I still think it's better that they start with a clean slate and can make their own identities, rather than having to move away from something that's already there.
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I think that's just your preference and not always a big deal? :shrug:
we all became our own people just fine, no stress or identity issues in doing so, and Flan even decided to not have her wings or consider herself a vampire a few years later no big deal
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