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So um... my tulpa hates me.
i recently found out about tulpas from a friend and when i did i relized that i have had one for as long as i can remember. His name is marcarth... i know wierd name. Anyways. He has always hated me. I have no idea where he came from or how he got created. he will randomly say i hate you. He even tries to haunt and scare me at night. After i found out i could make one my self. I started to work on it right away. He hated that so much. One time i was talking to my new tulpa when he showed up out of no where and slammed me against the wall forcing me out of the wonderland that i was in.
Anyone have advice for this?

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well confronting him may be the best thing for this.. i had a few hostile tulpas when i was forcing and they didn't care for me. i am dead serious.. a few told me that i was a mistake of creation and i was like "i don't really care, your stuck with me so shut up and deal with it or i will send you back to my mind." Your tulpa is probably bitter about something that you may or may not have done.
when i was first tulpamancing i created a tulpa of tails.. he didn't like me very much and it wasn't the tails doll just.. tails.. and he called me all those hostile things.. i just stood my ground and told him off, he didn't like what i said but i said that i'm not going to tolerate his behavior if he keeps it up and dismissed him once he said that i was a failure. you don't have to fight your tulpa you can just tell him off or just banish him, it's your mind.


Make a Jackie Chan tulpa to defend yourself
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(07-29-2014, 01:51 PM)Strangelove Wrote: Make a Jackie Chan tulpa to defend yourself
Best advice ever.
OP, I would suggest you having a conversation with Marcath. It seems that you two should get things more clear. He may hate you for a reason and you could have an agreement on that.
In my experience, the only way to deal with a hateful tulpa is to show them as much love and kindness as possible. Even if they don't reciprocate your feelings at first, they will eventually come to like you if you persist in being a kind and caring host.

tl;dr Hatred is not rid by hatred, but only by love.
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Shit, bro, I guess Fox hates me too. In the long run, I'd say go ahead with Glitch's idea. Rock never beats rock, only paper does. If you want this to work out, you could just try asking some questions and getting to the root of the problem with some focus on why he hates you in particular. Does he hate the world around him? Does he hate that he can't be his own person? Does he hate that you didn't ask him why he's so mad?
Calm but firm. Listen, but set your own boundaries for his behavior along with consequences for destructive behavior. It's YOUR mind, and only you can make it a peaceful, blissful place.

And hold true to those boundaries and consequences.
If he won't respect your wishes, or makes an attempt to hurt you or your new budding tupper, then the time may come where you will have to dissipate the aggressive thoughtform.
Sounds like he didnt intentionally make his tulpa though. Don't think he'd know how to dissipate it.
(07-30-2014, 07:08 PM)King of Manga Wrote: Sounds like he didnt intentionally make his tulpa though. Don't think he'd know how to dissipate it.

No? I accidentally made a malevolent thought form and dissipated it just fine. Best of luck to you Macabrenoob. I hope it doesn't come to that.

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