Some really quick relationship help
So, recently two of my friends had a bit of a falling out with each other.

The circumstances are a bit unclear but altogether disappointing hella, and they have ceased communication with each other. As much as I want them to be able to reconcile and have all of us be friends between ourselves, I am distinctly aware that that may not be possible. So, what I want to know is what you guys out there think I should say or do to try to at least keep them both as friends and not have this event sever my connections with them?

And this event has made both of my friends hella upset, one of which immediately shrank into a depression and began thoughts of suicide. Unfortunately this development happened very late into recent night, so I'm not sure how that is resolving itself because I had to leave the conversation then. Thankfully, there are other people, especially in the system, helping out on that end to keep their well being in order. Regardless, what can I do to try to help them both get out of this disappointing phase and at least be happy with themselves again?

Any serious advice is much appreciated.

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Don't take sides. If you take a side, you will lose one until they reconcile. In fact, don't bring up the other, or the issue if at all possible, and become evasive if the issue does come up.

Beyond that, it is the blind leading the blind for me to give relationship advice.

Depression has no cure. It is based on irrational thoughts, so no matter how you approach it, you may end up attacked by those irrational thoughts. Caregiver roles are highly stressing and thankless.

There is a two pronged path to dealing with depression. Counselling, and companionship. Counselling is best done by a professional, and involves instructing the depressed person on coping mechanisms and such. Companionship is best given by friends and family. It involves listening and giving physical comfort but not giving any advice.
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Well, I'm known to be quite the diplomat when it comes to things like this-- especially within my small circle of friends, but I'd need details to give advice of real substance. If you feel like giving it a try, don't hesitate to shoot a PM at me.
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I find most often that having someone who listens is a help to people in such distress.
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