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[split] Deleted posts and spam
If the site 404s in a month then it won't be a big deal. Nothing of value will be lost. You don't even seem to caught up about it either Pleeb. You'd think you would care just a little about the future of your website. Or have you just seen how this place has turned to balls and you're slowly trying to back out the door, letting this ship gradually sink until it's below the waves and no one can find you to ask what the hell?

Also, as a side note, I'm glad those posts by mayormorgan were deleted as well as mine. That was my main gripe; seeing a lot of my posts being deleted and the others which I was responding to staying up, even if they were equally as silly.

I still don't see how half those posts are bad, but that's beside the point. It won't matter if this site 404's. I honestly don't care if you don't care Pleeb. If you don't care enough to appoint newer, better mods and actually get something done then I don't either. My tulpas do, that's why I stick around.

I don't know how hectic your life is, but it certainly can't be that hectic where you are incapable of listening to your member's requests and ideas.

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(03-08-2013, 03:08 PM)Avalanche Wrote: I don't know how hectic your life is, but it certainly can't be that hectic where you are incapable of listening to your member's requests and ideas.

I'm thousands of dollars in debt, suffering from severe depression, my family is on the verge of getting our power turned off and losing our home, my father is practically a senor and holding on to a stressful truckdriving job because he's the only income because nobody else has been able to find a job (as well as I, since I turned down employment to work on this site full time, I've not had another chance, and now I can only work somewhere that would hire me for weekends, if that). I got screwed over at my old university, now I owe their housing department a few thousand for not staying a whole year, they just deferred that to a collection agency, and I have bills due at the end of the month that I have no idea how I'm going to pay.

I'm in a new university, I'm taking 8 classes and am failing two of them (got an 18% on my last chem exam) because I'm too overworked and stressed to focus. I actually have an exam in an hour and twenty minutes, but I'm here posting on this forum instead of studying for it (which I should have done last night, but I was at a friend's who was going through some worse shit than I am).

I've been having anxiety attacks every day, usually consistently throughout the day, probably since that hurricane, which ended up causing two cities in Delaware to be under water, one of which about 5 miles from here.

I told Amadeus to take over for me so I can get my life back in order, because it's currently, and has been, falling apart for most of my family; then Amadeus quits.

I'm praying that the new servers will be able to handle the load of this site, because it's the only thing we can afford (our current server uses about 3.5-4GB of ram every hour, when it gets past that, you get those cloudflare errors; the new server has about 256mb of ram), since a virtual private server with enough ram and networking is way out of our budget.

Worse comes to worse, I already paid for like, two years worth of hosting with these new people, so worse comes to worse, the site gets cloudflare errors more often until I can purchase or rent a dedicated server similar to what dreamviews is doing.

And during all this, I try to at least be in the design channel to work with the members putting together the new site for the redesign, but even then, I don't have time to be on IRC anymore; I'm just living my life one hour at a time so I don't have a breakdown, which I had a few weeks before Christmas and don't want to have again.

I know you're going to assert it's no excuse for not responding to your ideas you PMed me with, like you have before, but this is how it is. I love this site, I gave everything for it, and it took everything from me.

I'll never give it up on this site, though. And I certainly care about it. I know at least three people personally, who would be dead right now if never existed (not counting many more who simply wouldn't 'be'). On top of that, among the hatemail I've heard stories of people who came back from the ER trying to OD, had nothing left to live for, then randomly stumbled across this site and went for it. The whole experience has given them something to live for. I've heard stories of people with PTSD who've had their nightmares cured, and I'm not even counting all the tulpae, some of whom I'm good friends with, have constantly said they owe their existance to this community. It's not just talk either, there are some very touching stories that come along the donations here and there. I feel this community is doing important things, and helping a lot of people, and I believe it will continue to do so...

However, at this moment in time I need to be hands off. I need to get my own life together and help my family. I'm sorry that Amadeus bailed out, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to be a better owner. I'll choose an administrator who I trust enough to give my account information to, to hold the place up, and I'm going to be removing some of the moderators who haven't been consistently following through with the guidelines in place for them, but send me a PM with who you guys think should become a moderator.

I have to go study for this thing, excuse any spelling/grammar errors, I've not proofread this...
That's more like it.

Actually something done, no more excuses and backing out.

This site'll keep going yet.

[Image: IUNZ5Yz.png]

Here's a funny picture to cheer you up. Nail that test.
Though do remember way back when we talked about that and told you that your life comes before any silly site about imaginary friends and their faggots. You can't help anyone if your own life goes to shit so you have to be selfish enough to know when to stop.

I am glad that finally you are taking in suggestions the way you are. We've been butting heads for how long and this is what it has come to. It could have gone differently. Or should have, at least. Even if you leave, no matter if it's permanently or only for a while, the site is still living. Making sure that it runs if you want to keep it up is a nice thing to do before you leave. What you said about admins and moderators did lift my spirits a bit at least.

Do understand though, most of us hate the way you have been running things and not listening to us people, but we don't hate you personally. #tuppers is there always for you when you want to talk about ice cream and crepes.
Wow. Respect for being able to go through all that, and still having a commitment to this site. You are a stronger man than I.
While I think Chupi is a pretty cool guy (Eh kills sapm and doesnt afraid of anything.), I just have to wonder if he is up to the task. I simply ask because I don't know that much about his skill in terms of web management, but, he is an admin after all now, so he probably has some.

As for Pleeb going into debt, I would donate if I knew that it was going to him and not the site. Here, this is my password to my account: hunter2 so people can confirm that money will be sent Wink once I know where its going.
Right now Chupi is the only mod around who is actually active, so I can see why Pleeb chose him. Because there was no one else, hurr. I guess we'll see and hopefully the next time an admin becomes useless, they get kicked a lot faster than Amadeus so a new one can be chosen.
It'd be smart to have three total administrators so that not everything will fall onto one person when an admin quits. This is more of a suggestion for the future as I agree with Sands, there's no one other than Chupi that was active enough to be an admin.

With that said, it might be a good idea to clean up the moderator's list as a whole and maybe run another moderator election.
Apparently, planned. Read Pleeb's post and give your own suggestions to him, he wants to hear what everyone's thinking.
Lovely, I missed that bit about the moderators being sorted out. An announcement about the PMs and what not would be nice so others don't make the same mistake and miss that little niche.

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