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Stress Management
I don't like to bother my tulpa friend Dante when I'm SUPER upset or angry, because of a few reasons. BUT. When I'm stressed out, I've found going all up in wonderland and messing around with Dante makes me feel much much better. Just talking and letting myself relax, body and mind, seems to let all the worries water down. Even when I feel like I could cry, when I come out of forcing and meditation I just don't have that feeling at all anymore.

Do any of you folk find hanging out with your tulpa friend to be as relaxing as I do? Does it mellow you out, or make you really happy, or what? Would be interesting to know! And is there a certain thing that you two (or more) do to get rid of stress?
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Talking about anything with my tulpa tends to get me in a good mood. There's nothing specific done here to get rid of stress, though.
Not much bothers me, but when I do talk about it with her, she always talks about it logically and analytically which always makes me feel better, I guess because it belittles the situation and offers some explanation about why I feel bad about it. But yeah, just spending any time with her makes me feel good.
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I'm a very anxious person, and I often find myself over-worrying about simple stuff, and my tulpa often helps me giving a logical insight that makes me worry a lot less.

Sometimes, to relax a little, we go in a garden in our mindscape and simply sit on a bench there, looking at the landscape. It's pretty relaxing.

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