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[Survey] Mental Issues and Tulpa Quantity Correlative Survey
I was curious to see if there was a correlation between a host going through mental issues and them ending up with a substantial amount of tulpas.

I created this survey to gauge the correlation. This is the first time I've used Google Forms for any sort of poll/research, so we'll see how it goes.

Here is the link. Thanks!

Edit: I added a fourth question. If you submitted before that, then please submit again. I'll probably end up discarding the responses from before adding that question.
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I feel like "1-2 dissipated tulpas" is a pretty steep jump, would've put 1 and then 2-3 or something like that myself. Still works fine though.

Lumi's depression was "atypical" and more filled with a lack of motivation and generally pessimistic thoughts than any actual suicidal or other stereotypical thoughts associated with depression, so I just put it as Moderate instead of Severe. It was still rather crippling, but I'm not sure it strikes the same urgency as the suicidal kind of depression.
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My depression was anxiety based, but I never had anything like major depression. Last school year was a really rough year however, and I was very close to completely losing my sanity by the end of it.

I have other characters that had the potential risk of developing into Tulpæ, but by the time that was a question I pondered I was already aware that turning 10+ characters into Tulpæ was a bad idea. Whether or not any of the other characters could have been sentient at one point or another is a difficult question I don't want to think about too much anymore. I personally believe I never gave any of them enough forcing time for them to develop into anything, and I had the mindset they were me and not individuals. I believe this mindset played a role in allowing Ranger to develop but held the other characters back.

I put 7-12 because that's when I think Ranger developed the most and I figured he was a Tulpa by the start of 2018.
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I filled it out.

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