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[Switching] Guide on how to switch.
Approved for guides.
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6/9 GAT members approve, and we beat the deadline (1-20-2014) here, nice everyone!
Approved for Guides, however there's some things worth mentioning:

>tulpalike state

Some people don't approve of this term. There's better descriptions of this state of mind: being immersed in your imagination to the point of not feeling your physical senses; near-complete sensory dissociation; a more-than-vivid daydream (ex. similar to lucid dreaming or OBE's).

Some other parts also need editing and some parts need some clean-up seeing after the posts were merged.

The guide itself is mostly a guide for getting so immersed in your wonderland that you end up having an OBE (dissociating from your senses fully).
As a switching guide, it may be a bit over-complicated and forceful - people have achieved switching in more gentle ways through more cooperation from their tulpas - this guide hardly goes into that, other than that switching happens when the tulpa is independent, if the tulpa wants to control the body and if you fully disconnect from your own external senses.
Nevertheless, the method in itself valid, even if it frontloads a bit about how difficult it's supposed to be (despite that some people have achieved switching either naturally or accidentally when the right requirements were met (tulpa being independent, being able to do unassisted possession and the host learning how to get fully immersed in their imagination while ignoring the external senses)).
Just because something is accidental doesn't mean it hasn't been a long process actually getting to the point where something like that can happen accidentally. Just sayan.
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(01-20-2014, 02:54 PM)Sands Wrote: Just because something is accidental doesn't mean it hasn't been a long process actually getting to the point where something like that can happen accidentally. Just sayan.

Of course, it's a gradual process and all that. Doesn't mean that someone couldn't be working towards something (be it a tulpa or possession or switching) without entirely intending for it consciously.
(12-21-2012, 02:32 AM)Oguigi Wrote: Wow me and my host, especially my host feel like we are no where close to achieving switching; realistically speaking for my host this can take a couple of years to achieve.

Still a relatively short amount of time for something so life changing, trying to undo the work of my host 20 years of being tied to the physical body.

While your guide says that us tulpae don't really play a role in switching (expect for the last step) I still believe its possible to assist our host in switching in a more direct and profound way, the method is out there we just need to find it.

Another question I have, let's say a tulpa and a host switch places. Will the tulpa be bestow the same powers that the host have. Will they be able to temporary visit the wonderland like the host. And if the tulpa refuse to switch back is their anything the host can do?

out of curiosity, its been a few years since you said this, how far have you progressed?
Yeesh, I came here expecting to say "X member hasn't been here in years and won't reply", but the person you want a reply from is Oguigi of all people. Let's just say it didn't go well, and Oguigi is the most infamous tulpamancer I can think of.
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oh lord XD crazy circumstances are crazy i guess. thanks for the heads up. chilling tale of events. though i checked his tumblr, im glad hes doing marginally good.
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