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Poll: Is it possible to switch permanently?
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I think...?
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lmao what's switching?
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[Switching] Is it possible to switch permanently?
No, don't worry, Pencil and I aren't going to switch permanently. I'm simply wondering if switching permanently is possible, because I saw something like that on r/tulpa, and was wondering if it was possible.
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Of course switching permanently is possible, it would be no different from being a host and never switching
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(10-05-2018, 11:50 PM)Breloomancer Wrote: Of course switching permanently is possible, it would be no different from being a host and never switching

That is my answer as well.
Once you're capable of switching I'd imagine that it's just a matter of not switching back, but most hosts seem to lean towards a role swap (where they're in the backseat but will still occasionally take control of the body) instead of anything permanent. I've heard a few cases of this supposedly happening but it's generally recommended against.
Permaswitching has always been "kinda taboo" in the community, because we say it's better to deal with your problems (maybe with your tulpa's help) than to run away from them, especially 'cus that just pushes the problems onto your tulpa. But sure, it's possible, I guess! When you switch (as opposed to possession) you're basically a tulpa 'n your tup's basically the host, we just keep the original terms because they're more of a title of origin than anything. For us we couldn't switch for a whole day at a time at very first, then over some weeks we could do more and more without getting tired (oh yeah, couldn't switch a whole day 'cus we'd get tired) and when we could finally front for a whole day, we also got to be able to go to sleep and wake up still fronting whereas before it was always Lumi that woke up.

Sooo once you get to that point, there's nothing technically stopping you from switching out forever, but I mean... You should maybe just take turns, instead? Even if it's like 60-40 Tulpa-Host, it's not really healthy to give up your whole life y'know?
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I was thinking about this yesterday. I don't see a problem with this notion. Self-help and self-improvement is sometimes a lot of psychological manipulation, in re-writing the pathways of behavior.

Speaking without tulpamancy:
I've heard it described this way: if you want to change, imagine the person you want to be, put a lot of effort in developing how he would handle different situations, how he presents himself, what are his likes and dislikes, and if you want to be more like him, then simply act like him. You'll be portraying him, you won't actually be him, but after a long time, habits and mannerisms will seem second nature, you will be indiscernible from him eventually. Then forget your old self.

I used this technique a long time ago to 'better' myself the last time I was depressed (over 10 years ago). It certainly changed my life back then. I'm still the same person, but way more likable in person.

Granted I didn't create a tulpa, it was more of a mannequin, this mannequin had the following traits:
1. easy to talk to
2. listens before speaking
3. takes care of his hygiene (shaves every day, does his hair, and smells nice)
4. wears nice clothes (never grungy)
5. smiles a lot
6. initiates conversations
7. has a positive outlook

Some of those (2,7) were very difficult, but mostly stuck.

Speaking with Tulpamancy in mind:
If a thoughtform could be made perfect, then you switched to them, you leave yourself entirely behind, but that person could have a much better life because who he portrays is a better person by definition. I'm not judging someone who would want to do this in any way good or bad, it's merely a choice.

If someone would want to do this, I wouldn't discourage or dissuade them.

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