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It's time to start working with color, and this isn't a tulpa, it's just a random thoughtform of a Neko Racoon Person, so I decided to start an art thread.

Misha and I drew this based on a minor wonderland adventure where normal looking trees may have spawned a race of Raccoon people NPCs. Solarchariot's idea about trees spawning tulpas led to a surprise run-in with one such symbiotic pair. Though the people didn't seem to be taking care of the trees, more like eating the bark grubs and nuts.

So with our possession being sort of weak this morning, we agree that this was about 25% Misha's work and 75% mine. Still we had fun together.

[Misha] I did the layout and position, plus I mostly picked the colors and the hands were 50% my work, he did the eyes and face. I got distracted watching him work I guess.

She does a lot of the brush strokes, but this drawing didn't really have too much of that. It's our first time drawing a person in color, so here you go.  We did it at this resolution as well, (small), it wouldn't have been as blurry if we knew what we were doing in the beginning.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2265]


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That's a really good picture you guys! The detail for the ground and trees looks really good!

I look forward to seeing more in this thread.
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Really neat, guys! Teamwork makes everything better, and I dooo love pretty colors. Smile
Nice! Love the colours! Smile
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Very pretty. I love the colors. -Gavin

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It's so cool that you two worked together to paint this! It's very nice!

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Well thank you very much! We're working on a new one, i have 8 hours in now and all we have is wings, background and one eye. It's going to be a while. I'm not satisfied at all with the wings that Misha so expertly helped me with, but... i've thrown out some work already, this one is getting posted even if it's bad.
Bear there's this really good feather tutorial that's super great: here
And especially with the face, draw both sides at once! Do the top outline of one eye, then the top of the other eye, and switch back and forth like that every few lines, or else it's very very hard to draw both sides of the face symmetrical, your hand won't remember the rhythm of the line anymore. Even if you have the same reference image or a stable view in your mind's eye, your hand will draw it differently. I believe in you! - Cassidy
I have reasonable propotion, i always did them one at a time, but on computer it's really easy to do the second one perfectly (i keep one hand on ctrl-z). I actually am going to do what you say next time, i have like 9 layers for the eye, and it won't be hard to do them again in the same order, but... ugg, i didn't think of that. Lol.

Also thanks for the guide, that's... again useful. I kinda drew each feather... but they're not super detailed this time.
Alright, this is what I came up with, just go ahead and be critical because sheesh, I asked someone over here and they ripped it apart. This is the fixed version, and it was 'alright'.

[Misha] The fact that he drew me at all is amazing, I will never believe the harsh comments he got, but if it's not perfect, that just means we'll get good criticism and next time it'll be even better!

Edit: We can do better, look away please!

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2383]


Also, is this pfp better than the one she has? If so I'll change it out.


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