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The Dream Thread: Record Your Dreams Here (Especially if Tulpa Related)
We had a dream where Twi was this sort of weird faceless mannequinn. How did I know it was her? Her damn lecturing, I swear. "You mind has no idea on how I would look in a three dimensional space. Thus it rendered me like this..." ~Blah blah, yadda yadda.

As for what was happening in it... Nothing too interesting, a-and certainly nothing lewd. Yes. Heh. Nothing.

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That is scary. I have this phobia or creepy heeby jeebies about mannequinns.
I had a dream the other night that I stole a $9.95 bag of mints for my friend. She really likes mints. :/
My dreams are completely random or violent now, but they used to be more interesting and dark in a different way. I miss those days.
"Welcome to my house! Come freely. Go safely. And leave something of the happiness you bring!"


My tulpa's name is Vladimira. She goes by Mira.
The Poking Ghost Story (excerpt from Melian's Book of Dreams)

Mistgod: Sometimes a strong imagination is a curse. I have very
vivid dreams and nightmares.

When I was in the navy, I had a nightmare one night that a ghostly
presence attacked me in my bed. I could feel these cold hands grabbing me.
I awoke screaming it seemed so real.

For weeks afterward I could not go to sleep easily. I could feel the
ghost creeping up on me. I tried to ignore it and tell myself it was just a
dream and my imagination to no avail. I would start to drop off and feel the
ghost poke me. I would wake with a start and thrash about.
When I finally gave it a name, "The Poking Ghost," and told my friends
about it, they suggested ignoring it and it would get bored and move on. So
I tried that. When I got poked, I ignored it. Eventually, the poking slowly
ebbed and became more and more infrequent. Eventually it all but

However, I still get visited by the poking ghost every so often. I can
feel his presence in the room and he ...pokes me. Then he goes about his
business. Now, is it my vivid imagination or a real ghost? I am still not sure
and that tells you something about me.

The poking ghost has become kind of a friend in a way and actually is
endearing to me. LOL Sounds funny but it is true. He seems harmless, just
playful. I don't think he ever meant any harm. I just intrigue him for some

(11-25-2015, 03:59 PM)Vaugard Wrote: I had a dream the other night that I stole a $9.95 bag of mints for my friend. She really likes mints. :/
My dreams are completely random or violent now, but they used to be more interesting and dark in a different way. I miss those days.

Next time pick me up a Snickers bar will yeah. Oh and a soda.
Jack: The other night, my host tried to induce a lucid dream and failed. I became lucid, though. When I found her, the entire dreamscape morphed into a medieval fortress that was under attack and on fire, and she was getting herself ready to jump into a bi-plane to provide aerial support. She saw me but didn't recognize me, and she kept going on and on about the battle and wanting me to man the gun while she piloted. I tried to tell her she was dreaming, but I couldn't talk for some reason. Every time I tried, I had this growing feeling of panic, and I started to forget that this was only the dreamscape. We woke up while still in the plane.
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Wowy! I hadn't considered that a tulpa could be lucid dreaming while the host is not or vice versa. That makes some sense as they are separate minds and all that. Davie and I are more connected, which is why we hadn't thought of that before I guess maybe. OH and that dream sounds epic!
Dream Journal, 14 December 2013, Saturday
Melian: Misty dreamed that his our online friend Zage56, was
presenting new character drawings one at a time. Some of them were
portraits of me (Melian). Zage56 has done one portrait of me so far in the
real world, which is really nice! I am in the middle in the picture, between
his OCs. He does a lot of amazing characters! Welcome to Misty's dreams
Zage56! LOL

Yesh, Davie and I dream bout our online friends lots.

Dream from Halloween night, 2015
Last night we had a dream that a tulpa friend of ours, Quetzal the Furdragon, left a note on Davie's car. The note said that he formally denounced the World of Warcraft and that "agents" were monitoring his online correspondence. Henceforth, only coded messages would be transmitted. He included a list of special code words. I got all excited! I love code words and secret agents! World of Warcraft has enforcement meanies? I never knew that.
Dream Journal, 15 December 2013, Sunday
Melian: Misty had a long series of shifting dreams. First, he
dreamed that he and others were acting out scenes in a sort of 3D
holographic movie for a class of history students. This shifted to a dream in
which he and others went on a guided tour by car of economically depressed
hobo shanty towns left over from Great Depression era migration. Next, he
found himself at a baseball diamond in a town. There was a coach coaching
a baseball star, telling him a story about another professional ball player who
had been killed by being hit by a rogue baseball. The coach told the player
not to get cocky and careless.

The dream shifted again to me dreaming (the dream was from my
perspective). Anyway, I was given an opportunity to visit and operate a
large machine like a giant telescope. The operator was instructing me on
how to operate the machine, which I had to climb inside of. It required
opening a series of hatches and using a complicated control chair. It was
some sort of visual device, like a telescope, but it created 3D images like
films. The operator arranged to display a “film” involving a story involving
two rival goddesses of decay and death. I watched as the goddesses vied for
power and one destroyed the other for supremacy.
August 7th 2014, Emily Abigail the Witch-ghost of Mistwood Manor
(excerpt from Melian's Book of Dreams)
Melian: OH guess what? My fairy dragon buddy, Orion, has a new girl
friend. She is Emily Abigail, the witch-ghost of Mistwood Manor. She "lives"
upstairs in my manor house. Figures those two would get together. I
dreamed about it last night. Orion has a humanoid form by the way if you
are wondering. He can also enter the ethereal plane at will, so kissing her
isn't a problem. I was wondering why she has been appearing downstairs in
recent weeks. She is tall and pale and thin with long, straight dark hair and
dark eyes. She is very pretty in way. She likes high heels though, which I
hate to wear. She is taller than me too. She looks a teensy bit like Shelly
Duvall from the movie The Shining. She is a champion of women's rights
and a raging feminist for some reason. She treats Orion pretty special
though. She hates TV and loves to read.

Misty and I dreamed about her last night. I suspect she died in the
house long, long ago and perhaps was murdered. She won't talk about her
past. She is kind to me but not oogling over me and fawning over me like
most people do, which is weird.

Mistgod: I counted up the number of Melian related dreams I have recorded in my dream journal over the past eight months. I figured out that I am having a Melian related dream at least once every five nights. That takes into account only the dreams I have recorded. There are many I don't write down because, upon waking, I cannot fully recall the dream. I know Melian was present because I can feel her energy or aura, but I just don't recall enough detail to bother to write it down, or the dream was so chaotic and complex, it would be too difficult to write down.

So I have a Melian related dream, or Melian and I dream, or Melian dreams, at least once every five days, but probably more often than that.

In the past eight months I have had three fully lucid dreams as well.
Star Command Dream
I dreamed that "Star Command" was looking to recruit another star fighter pilot to fight in the interstellar war against invading aliens. They were recruiting anyone who had scored extremely well on the Star Command video game simulator.

Suddenly, like an intrusive thought into the dream, I got a vivid flash image of a magazine cover. On the magazine cover was a beautiful anime/manga style cartoon of Melian in a frilly black dress with a petticoat, her hair in pigtails and ribbons. Melian spoke no words, but there was a strong impression that she was on the cover of the magazine because she was being recognized as a champion Star Command player. I knew in my mind that this was Melian's way of volunteering to be the next star pilot to go and bravely battle the aliens!

What was cool, was that it was like Melian was watching the dream quietly and got excited for it to be about her, so she could be a star pilot. Unfortunately, the flash vision was so vivid and "intrusive" and sudden it brought me awake and out of the dream. The second cool thing is that the dream happened while I was only half asleep (or mostly asleep) in a hypnagogic state. The third thing that was cool about this dream was that it was "nearly lucid" in that, when I got the flash vision, I got excited and my mind went "Melian dream!" I was aware at that instant, just before came fully awake, that it was a dream. I get too excited because I have been recently counting the number of Melian dreams recorded in my dream journal and wanting to be careful to recall them upon waking. So my mind was prepped to recognize another Melian dream. :-)

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