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The inactive one
Heyyy guys its June again. You might remember me. Welp for those who dont let me introduce myself.

My name is June. Im 15 and live in New zealand. I like sleeping and eating. Well theres not much else that you need to know... Except why i was inactive

When I first found tulpas I Was single. Then I got into a relationship, told my partner About this and they went.. Uh how to put this. Beserk. Absolutely crazy we almost split up over it.

Im out of the relationship now (Which is great) so I can begin work again, the only reason I dont feel guilty about this is because they were controlling- messing up relationships with my friends ect. So now im doing something for MYSELF and this is my progress report.

You may have read but I am strictly following FAQmans guide, its going to be a challenge but im still in the planning stage. My wonderland is a circle or land with a moat around it. Theres one huge cherry blossom tree on the island. Across from the most is a cherry blossom forest. I love cherry blossom trees because they are beautiful, so why not include them. My tulpa, Allanna is still in the planning stage im going to be using this thread as a diary that you all Can read and ask questions. I love when you guys comment :3 so please do. Thats it for today, June.

Day one. Well im about to meditate and imagine my wonderland, its raining outside its peaceful. I think im going to imagine Allanna sitting under the tree. Ps guys yell at me if i dont update this daily

Welll thats the end of my forcing session. All i can say is the area is breathtaking and Allanna sat under the tree the whole time I found fish in the moat which means we can fish! There also a cool little underground stream. In the cherryblossom there is a treehut with a bed, kitchen and shower! Thats it for now, night

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>I am strictly following FAQ-Man's guide

EDIT: Also, you shouldn't strictly follow any guide, the guides are just ideas of what you should be doing to get a tulpa. In reality, all you really need to do is talk to something and eventually it will talk back. The guides just help you complete the process faster and make it funner (sometimes) but you should not strictly follow just one guide. Read some other guides and learn about other things you could be doing to force!
Great! I'll be sure to look at this when I get home
You know, I really like faq man's guide. As long as you realize that the hour counts are his experience and may be different from yours, it's a fine guide to work with.
(Hate to clutter your PR, sorry June.)

Faq man's guide was fine, but I think that the negative aspect was the fact that June planned to strictly follow it. Which, as Dog said, might not be the best route. Of course, to each their own, but Tulpamancy is a personal experience and strictly following one specific guide can lead to specific expectations that, if not had by the Tulpamancer, could cause doubt, which is never good. June, I'd suggest that you take a look at a few other guides and make your own path, rather than take info only from Faq man's. Best of luck, and this is just my two-cents.
Idm comments only help me! But thanks I might change it a bit so far I've been working just on my wonderland with her in it


I understand about the hour counts .

Well anyone, last night I TRIED forcing to music... Didn't work to good I was just jumping around my wonderland with Allanna never actually getting anything done. Tonight I'll meditate again which helped me concentrate. I just sat against my wall (at 1am ofc ;p) and breathed in and out concentrating on breathing it helps ALOT with concentration.... Err the dark isint my bff so I wrap a shirt around my eyes when I meditate.
(06-10-2014, 03:40 AM)June Wrote: Well anyone, last night I TRIED forcing to music... Didn't work to good I was just jumping around my wonderland with Allanna never actually getting anything done.

I find that forcing to music also results in issues with concentration. You seem to be able to still focus though, have you looked into this? Could help with meditation.
Trust me Ive tried those beats before, they just end up hurting my head.
Well today has been quite productive. I had a bathe where I slipped my ears underwater and forced. Our blossom island now has a hotpool. Srsly though, i forced allanna during it. I had a half an hour session after meditating for a bit. Allannas face is really hard to visualise (As expected) i conentrated on her arms mainly. Had a quick fly around my wonderland, brushed and washed her hair. Thats about it for today. June out
Well another alright night, we went rowing in the lake around the island and had a picnic in the row boat with ham sandwiches and and a apple I talked to her a bit (narrated) and flew around my wonderland. I talked on the IRC and met irish_ Big Grin but for the most part the IRC ain't helpful.. Anyway June out

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