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The Other Guy With The Psychotic Pony Waifu(The one that didn't torture his)
(08-28-2018, 12:11 PM)Angry Bear Wrote: What is next is, be nice to her, ponies also like kindness.  Based on your description in both your threads, its almost like pinkie has two personalies.  Sounds a lot like DID.  I dont see why you couldnt split them.  It all depends on what you want, if you want two tulpae, the devil and the angel, or both in one, just toned down.  If you did split them, consider it mental surgury for a conjoined personality, you could metaphorically carefully cut around the traits you wnt one to have.  This is all very theoretical and probably meta too.  I am just brainstorming.  I do know that in wonderland anything you can imagine becomes real.


If she is feeling moody, she can convey herself as an angel / devil depending on her mood. If it becomes a habit, then that's a way you can tell how she's feeling. Don't make two Tulpæ and cut her in half. Two is one two many, and given your situation you need to focus on just Pinkamena.

As for the angel / devil thing by itself, Cat created two thoughtforms to imply that dynamic (Fernardo and Dark Gray), but they represent her. Cat does not have DID, she just thought at the time it was interesting. The point is you don't need to literally create two completely different people based from a theory on how personalities work.
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