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The Other Guy With The Psychotic Pony Waifu(The one that didn't torture his)
Ember: I listened to my wife for years tell me that I was wasting my time by being with her. Your words are uncannily familiar. I told her it was my decision to stay with her, my time to spend how I saw fit. She told me she could never be better, that she would always be depressed, anxious, suicidal, and useless, that she would shackled forever with the guilt of mistake she had ever made and every pain she had ever caused anyone.

She was wrong. It was the most difficult, protracted, and discouraging task I ever undertook, but I put her on the path to recovery, saving her very life multiple times. She has conquered her depression, anxiety, and self-loathing. She's living victoriously.

I'm glad to hear you have people that love you, on the inside and on the outside. My wife had to go a long time without that before I met her, but now she's surrounded by people who love her.

Vesper: A close relationship with a therapist would be of much greater use to you than anything people on the internet can say, but allow me a moment to speak on Pinkamena's behalf. When Pinkamena tells you how she feels, believe her. If you love her at all, respect her enough to believe what she tells you. Do you think she could maintain a lie long-term across a telepathic connection? I couldn't maintain one for an instant.
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