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The punniest thread ever!
Aww-sass-ians and gorgeous filled fight scenes make me wonder if the irony is acute or pretty terrible.

Trash puns
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Ugg, I'm throwing out all my trashy ideas here. They're garbage, seriously. I'm really in the dumps over it.

[Dashie] Time for some trash talk! You're puns stink B! Now can it before i throw you outa here! Are you picking up what i'm throwing down here?

Yes ma'am, I refuse to give up! Leave me a scrap of dignity and I won't waste it.  Your pep talk is going right in the round file though.

Animal puns
Animal puns? Aye-aye! I can barely think of any but I'll triceratops. Ha! that last one was grizzly. Iguana keep going but I butterfly.

HAHAHA, I love this thread. XD

Gaming puns (any kinda games)!
Do you know what grinds my metal gears? Finding out that my destiny is to be the last of us to get ready for next fight.

Bonus stage! Tulpas are proud creatures, they prefer to hug the host.

Xar: You're pretty good!

Heheh well, it'sa me, Matsuri!

Otaku puns! (Anime, Japan, weeaboo stuff.)
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Alright, can't let this get dusty. Let's see..

I better come up with something kawiick.. Manga though, this is hard. I'd have to be a magical girl or in the navy to keep pulling this out of my Sailor Uranus. *giggles*
Maybe it's just Fate or some kind of Geass on me but I think I can pun with the might of Seven Samurai. Nodachi knows like Matsuri though how how weeb I am. Just Saiya-jin.

Some of those were a stretch. Thank my Lucky Stars that I did it though. Lance didn't want any part of it, it was a Sola act. :P

Computer puns! GO!
If I had a body of my own, i'dPhone my Bear. He's a Dellightfull gamer and keeps his HP at maximum. He's a real Acer when it comes to RPG's. There's no one in our whole Galaxy that's better as far as I know anyway.

I tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Animal puns.
Get ready for some animal puns. They’re gonna bee bad, so bear with me. While I think of some, alpaca few things to eat. Hey, I know these are terrible, I wasn’t lion. I might have to be a bit of a cheetah and look up some better ones. They’ll be sure to beetle of mine. Carp, I can’t think of any more.

Sleep puns!
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