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The Tulpa Wiki project (not Russian)

A few months back, a few friends and I started work on a Wikipedia-style Tulpa wiki, with more rigorous guidelines for article quality than other resources available at the time. That means, less guides, less opinions, and more unbiased (as far as it gets) information, derived from observations within the community.

The project never quite took off beyond a few base articles getting written, so I figured I might post it here, to see if there's any interest in the wider community for such a project. Anyone is free to edit the articles, as long as care is given to the guidelines that have been published at the site.

I'm hoping that someone else might be interested in improving it as a resource, since I believe that it would be valuable for many (especially new) people to have a rigid baseline upon which to form an idea about what the entire tulpa thing is about. No one ever really talked about it in public before, since it's in an unfinished state, but it's sat dormant for so long that I think it's time we (or rather, I) invite others to check it out.

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I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. I may want to add some things to he proxying article at some point. Thanks for sharing this
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I like it

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