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The Wanted Art Mass Thread [POST REQUESTS HERE]
This thread is for people interested in obtaining art to post requests,
and for artists to browse and accept requests via PM.

We've noticed this board has a ton of artists offering requests, but sometimes it can be easier for people to say what they'd like upfront and for the artists to browse through and see if there's anything they'd be comfortable taking on, so we've made something a little different!


Just post your wanted ad here using the form below as reference.

Artists can then browse here and just might be able to help you.
And if they can, they'll PM you to work something out!


Requests only in this thread, to reduce any clutter, please!
Artists - if you see a request you'd like to take on, please take it to PM.

And when your request has been fulfilled, please delete your post, unless you're always seeking art!
(the little red x in the bottom right!)


Use this template (replace the explanations with your information) to tell everyone a bit about what you're after and keep everything somewhat neat and easy to read.

[b]Broad type of art you want:[/b]
Traditional, Digital, Mixed Media, etc.

[b]More specific type:[/b]
Tulpa, Wonderland, Lineart, Fully Shaded, Chibi, etc.

Here, you'll want to talk about form (humanoid, a pony, a dragon..), colors, elements to the art, etc.
Try to be very exact on what you're looking for.

Say a bit about how much you are willing to pay or what price range you are looking to buy here.
If you can't pay and you're looking for a freebie, that's okay, please just make it clear.

Use keywords to help artists find your ad, such as Chibi, Sketches, Pony, Wonderland, etc.
Artists can then use the Find (Ctrl + F) function to look through keywords.

You could add in some references, such as pictures of things that look similar to your tulpa (or art you've already gotten of them), pictures of the style you're looking for, etc.
Put in the details that you want prospective artists to know if it hasn't already been covered.
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