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Three P's of Tulpamancy (Draft) - thoughts?
Hello, this is a tips and tricks submission draft thingie that me and Piano came up with, or I wrote while blended with him, or I just stole from him, I'm not sure. Not wanting to post this in submissions yet since I wanted to see what people think about it first, if it's good/even worth submitting. Please share your thoughts.

The Three P’s of Tulpamancy: Practice, Patience, and Persistence
By the Felights

When creating a tulpa, or working on some tulpa-related goal, one may find it helpful to remember the three P’s of Tulpamancy, or PPP: Practice, Patience, and Persistence. Whether you’re learning to possess, visualize, meditate, impose, or anything else you may be trying to do, PPP is an important asset to keep in mind that will help you with your endeavor.

Practice: Know that one does not improve without setting aside time to apply their focus on working on the task at hand. Give yourself time to practice whatever your goal may be, as well as experimenting with other methods that may improve your progress, and you may teach others one day. As long as you are practicing what you are trying to attain, you will become closer to reaching it.

Patience: Know that as you are working to achieve a goal, even if things seem slow-moving or taking too long compared to other people, you will get there eventually. Time treats everyone differently, and you must not get frustrated with it, or think that things not going as fast as you want reflects badly on yourself or your efforts. Have patience, and you shall achieve your goal.

Persistence: Know that you must keep at whatever you are trying to achieve, and not give up. As long as you keep trying and keep practicing, you will reach it. Of course, it is okay to take breaks, but remember to keep working on it once you are able, as persistence is key to improving and learning anything.

And, as a bonus, Pleasure: Remember to have fun! Find ways to make the process enjoyable to you, so it's not a chore, rather it's something productive that you have fun doing, and will one day reach your goal. 

(Not sure if this needs some sort of conclusion or is fine as-is)

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That's a good asset to keep in mind but I find it quite austere

Don't forget Pleasure: Remember to have fun as well !
Hi, I'm Vādin, Zia's tulpa/permanent guest.
We may add that, sounds like a good idea
(05-13-2019, 06:01 PM)Vādin Wrote: Don't forget Pleasure: Remember to have fun as well !

+1, it's hard to Practise, be Patient and have Persistence if the process feels like a chore.

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