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Bear's reboot method wouldn't work for us, as we retain our emotions at full strength no matter for far back we go, even if we're too far back to think at all. Vesper may push me out of the driver's seat if my emotions are counterproductive to the situation at hand, but she can't change what they are without my active cooperation.

We wrote a post about cloning emotions between headmates a while ago:

You may also be interested in the thread "How Do the Thoughts of System Mates Effect Each Other?":

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There are many systems that do lose emotions of the fronter after a switch. As far as we can do there are three positions, watcher, way back, and dormant that do not have emotional effects. (Possibly no emotions at all.) Tulpa position and co-front do. Active/passive doesn't matter.

Body OS does not emote either. So for many, emotions are tied to whoever has them. I think Ember.Vesper might have her system rules set up that way, intentionally or not.

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