Tracking the tulpa
The Tracking the Tulpa article about the history of tulpas in the west.
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Paranormal? Ehhh...
There is no religion that lacks a seed of truth. (except scientology)

And this is a good read. It is in fact true that tulpas were an object of paranormal inquiry until recently.

Edit: Tibetan letter na plus diacritic i:


Extended letter ṇa plus diacritic i:

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.
Thank you for sharing. It was an interesting read.
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Wow, nice! Something for the in-depth history researchers that isn't just Alexandra David-Neel. Seems pretty thorough I think. Still not related to us, though

"The head of the homeowners' association has traveled to
Asia, where he learned the secret of making tulpas. He programs his
tulpa to take physical form and slay anyone who breaks the association's
rules. In the end, he is killed by his own creation. "
That's why you should travel to to learn about tulpas instead!

Anyways, I don't get why humans think they're so special as to have "demons and angels" around them at all times. You can believe whatever you want of course, Tewi had an interesting statement about that - but as far as I can tell humans are just really complicated bunches of organisms like all other animals. 'N we can see most the in-betweens of what we were like before being really smart. I don't see any reason to believe like, "projecting mental energy" sorta stuff until science can show it's there, or astral stuff that applies specialitieness to humans specifically. Did we just become so advanced at some point we suddenly qualified to communicate with the Big Kids in the universe (rarely)? That seems pretty racist.

But yeah, I asked Tewi how she could be obsessed with the moon when she's always all logical and should just see it as a rock, and she said "We're not above the moon. The accuracy of your beliefs won't really matter by the time you die, so there's no reason to be so rigid with them. You might as well shape your experience however you want."

Sounds good enough to me!
Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.
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@Nobilis: as always, thank you kindly for your contributions. A quick skim reveals much information we may already have access and knowledge of, yet more to read and discuss is always a good thing, no?


In Islam, it is said that God assigns both an angel and a devil to one's own soul upon conception there-of. If one is to take the Book upon its Word, then it is all human beings who are moulded in the Lord's Image. I have been told that, as living vestiges of God, we as human beings are meant to experience Creation and render our wills, for it is our birth-right. Upon the other hand, angels are meant to serve in a rigid hierarchy that dispenses God's decisions outside of Paradise.

So it was Lucifer who refused to bow to the majesty of Adam's form, and so too were the seeds of rebellion sown. Thus the Morning-Star was thrown out and, taking rent segments of Firmament down with him, made sad and lonesome respite in the place we now understand to be Hell. Now he roams upon the Earth as Shaitan, thoroughly ex-communicated from the glory of Theosis, mayhap for-ever.

Personally, I do not consider our own selves to be "superior" to any other. I feel the challenge presented to human beings within the physical universe is to not conquer Natur, on the rather, find a more wholesome semblance with her. I think that when our hearts turn to being respectful stewards of all life, we begin to understand not only the knots we have twisted ourselves into as a result of attempting to comprehend ourselves and our incandescent gropings of the known universe, but also that simple, thought-less nobility we rejected when we sought to secede our selves from the beasts in the field, the sky and the sea. Perhaps if we come to accept life as the hawks and the rabbits do, the "Big Kids" (if any) shall enjoin us to seek an audience with themselves.
I've seen good people bleed
And I thought I'd seen it all
But my own two eyes would prove me wrong that day.

There are things that I've done
Only seen by the sun
And those things will be buried in my grave.

Thanks for sharing this, it was very interesting to read !
Even if this concept of "paranormal tulpas" is not what we do here, knowing more about the origins of our concept was fascinating !

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English isn't our native language, please be indulgent Smile

That is fascinating information. Thank you for sharing.
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