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Trapped and Ginger
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So it begins... again.

I've tried tulpamancy before for the better part of a month and had some progress, but I just stopped for no reason really. Maybe I just got distracted. Anywho, I'm determined to make it work this time. I'm convinced I will show progress. Even more-so than last time.

So I've been focusing hard for the past few days on developing Ginger's physical traits and personality. I'm trying to do a lot of passive forcing, but am not neglecting to do some active forcing as well.

Specifically, I've been using the method of passive forcing where I feel Ginger behind me/looking over my shoulder as much as possible. I'm not much for talking, but I try to interact with her as much as possible. My mind's eye is quite cloudy, but I'm really trying hard.

I really want Ginger to have almost all control over how she looks, but am limiting her to a humanoid female. Personality-wise I'm hoping she'll be outgoing, friendly, and social. I'm quite the opposite by nature, but a lot of people perceive me to have those traits. I really don't like being social. I prefer staying in and being alone.

My long-term tulpamancy goal is to create a friend that will help me in these situations. Whether it be by keeping me company and coaching or even taking the reins for a while (switching).

I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm hoping this community could help me progress much better than I could alone.

-Trapped & Ginger

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What you're doing is a good start; I'd suggest working on Ginger's form right away OR narrating to her as much as possible. Just passive forcing won't get you progress fast, but it's a reliable way to feel more attached to your tulpa. Just remember to not get discouraged; Chuul only began speaking to me loud and clear (although only single words) this week, an he's turning a fucking year old on Tuesday. That's some super slow progress. Considering how you've been working with Ginger so far I bet you'll go much faster than the two of us did; most people get to our point within three or four months.

In any case, we're both rooting for you.
Thanks so much!

Any idea how long is the average time it takes to get to imposition?
I'm probably getting ahead of myself. lol
Welp!!!... Yea, you're getting ahead of yourself. Hee.

Imposition isn't something you should attempt until you have form and personality down 110%. But for future reference, it takes a -very- long time. From what I've seen, it takes around a year, but some have gotten to where they can see them (just not super well) in several months. Even master tulpamancers can't seem to break it in a short amount of time. It's just extremely difficult. But you can do it if you put your mind to it! Just slow down, focus on making your tulpa and getting to know them. Imposition is the absolute last thing on the list.
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