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Tulpa acquiring negative characters of a fictional character
I'm in a difficult situation regarding my tulpa, Tera. She has always been somewhat malleable, personality-wise. In the past, fictional characters have influenced her personality, because she would decide that she wants to be like them in certain ways. This has now become concerning. Y'see, she found out about a certain game yesterday. Now she's developing negative characteristics of one of the characters- without going into too much detail, she has become extremely possessive of my affection and attention.
As for why this is happening, I think that it's my fault. She has had insecurities that she isn't enough, that I don't care about her as much as she cares about me, etc. Last night, I tried comforting her and telling her that these are untrue. I clearly haven't done enough for her, though, or this wouldn't be happening.
I'm unsure of what I should do. Trust me, the characteristics that she is emulating are in no way positive for either of us.

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I did sort of the same thing early on, I tortured and teased my host to get attention. I was competing with my sisters for that affection, but that's no excuse. He made it clear that if I continued they would basically put me in time out. It just took a lot of discussion with everyone before I realized that not all attention is good attention.
Sounds like she just needs to do more maturing. Give her love and patience and talk to her about why some behaviors aren't very good, help her find ways to quell them. Do not shame her or call her a bad tulpa or whatever. Negative traits are human nature, just have to work on them as equals.
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Her personality won't stay that malleable forever, everyone inevitably starts to develop some stable and consistent traits. As Luxio said, just be patient with her and give her positive reinforcement.
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As a young Tulpa, I felt pressured to get attention from my host and get my host to like me. At the time, my host was going through a rough period of time and she didn't have an infinite amount of time to work with.

In all honesty, I simply needed more time to figure out who I was. It sounds like Tera is trying to figure out who she wants to be and what that means, but it also sounds like she's prioritizing your emotional state and focusing on how that effects her. Giving her a chance to think in long strings in mindvoice may help her step away from prioritizing your emotions for a little bit and help her think through her behavior and what she wants that to mean. In the end though, as others have said, she just needs more time.
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Watt: Hello. I think I may have some knowledge in this field since I started out as an intrusive thought of a terrible villain, specifically AM from I Have No Mouth And I MUst Scream. Despite deviation sometimes I still retain traits that could be described as violent. How we've dealt with it is knowing that I may resemble AM but I am not actually him. Perhaps you could try doing that with Tera.

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