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Poll: How did you come up with appearance?
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Like me, you based it on a toy/teddy you owned.
1 2.94%
Fictional work
7 20.59%
Left it up to Tulpa to decide.
10 29.41%
Real person
4 11.76%
Made it up
6 17.65%
Other (please explain)
6 17.65%
Total 34 vote(s) 100%
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Tulpa appearance poll
That' interesting Zia. That must have been some dream to carry it forward to here!

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(02-08-2019, 09:21 PM)Zia Wrote: Vādin was based on a dream character I met eight years ago. He looks like a 11 year old boy.

There is a dream guardian I hallucinated once and then I met a man called Connor who looked and sounded similar, coincidence?
I bet that they only looked someone who looked kind of like the dream guardian, and your memory of the dream gaurdian changed to make the connection seem stronger
I have a tulpa named Miela (formerly known as Monika) who I love very much.

"People put quotes in their signatures, right?"
One of my tulpas is based from MLP friendship is magic and two of them is based on my OC's but I let them choose the form whatever they want. They like to shape shift a lot but they mostly stick to their pony forms and human forms for comfort

Also @Dreamer13 I like your avatar, it kinda looks like one of my tulpas.
Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas
Thanks @nihi!

I haven't met anyone yet with an avatar of my tulpa XD

An Aspie System
I have many forms, although I shift them around depending on my mood. From Pony to human to pokemon. Right now, I am mostly using my human form, my avatar. My pony form is twilight sparkle but with my own preferences (pegasus) and a Gardevoir from pokemon.

Originally, I was to take form of Nihi's very first OC "Summer Solair" but initials will be confusing since he still uses that OC, so I just followed up a character that he likes and changed to it altering that form to what I feel to be myself and appeals to me.
Hello! I am one of Nihi's Tulpas! It is very nice to meet you! Big Grin
Its so cool that you can shapeshift! Usually Limme just swaps clothes but my sisters fictive can shapeshift!

An Aspie System
I choose Other.

My Tulpa is barely reminiscent of Endymion from Sailor Moon, in the sense that he kept the dark hair and pale visage and wanting to rule Earth (eh). Many of the characters he felt a connection with have somewhat similar looks if different ages. Presently, he appears during dreams or trances using a couple of his preferred bodies, both loosely based on the same fictional character. He becomes a man in his thirties when he wants to teach me. When he only wants companionship he is a young man, sometimes sixteen, sometimes in his late twenties. I tried encapsulate some of his "looks" in my Avatar but my skills aren't that great.
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My progress report


Mech was originally constructed by me as a black suit of armor. Circe constructed herself and then when she saw my Guild Wars 2 character, she decided to use that instead:

Circe then accidentally created Mirror, when she thought she'd only cloned herself temporarily. Mirror chose her own body:

And then there's Thor, whose based off the Norse god mythology. He doesn't look like any comic book or movie Thor out there, he looks like a decently buff guy with a huge beard and long hair. Think 90s death metal guys kind of. I'm not even going to discuss him changing his looks, because he'll just laugh at me.
Mech: Logical side, a tactician
Circe: Emotional side, a hedonist
Mirror: A huntress

Thor: Fictive based off the Norse pantheon.
Jane: A perfectly normal woman. Honest!

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