tulpa article (german lucid dreaming wiki)
Hey guys!

I'm currently working on an article on tulpas here: http://www.klartraum-wiki.de/wiki/Tulpa
If anyone speaks german here, please tell me what you think.

The section about "Tulpas and Lucid dreaming" currently briefly mentions CALD, then talks about the possibility of meeting a tulpa in a lucid dream. I would like to expand that, but I have no idea what I could add... any ideas?


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my German is a little rusty but i'll check it out.


I don't speak German, but I'm fluent in Google Translate. It looks good to me.

Unfortunately I don't have much experience with lucid dreams. I think CyberD has a few posts about it in his PR. I seem to recall another regular poster here working with lucid dreams, but I can't remember who.
Thx for looking.

I've already found several people here who do lucid tulpa-dreaming.Wink
The thing is, it's hard to find any more specific information about what is actually done in those dreams, besides just meeting, forcing and having fun.

i could help, i'm german (ok, maybe it's a bit late^^')

ok, i just read it. i'll try my best to help, since i'm a lucid dreamer myself. but it maybe could take a while, since i just recently started my first tulpa^^
Note that I have not included anything about how tulpas are created; that was intentional on my part. People who want to try that should imho get their information from here, or another tulpa-site, not our wiki. ;-)


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