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Tulpa Children
So, I have a question.

If my tulpa is more-or-less a child, or at least intended to be upon conception, should I treat her as a child in every respect?  I mean, in the obvious ways, yes, but I was wondering about exposure to certain media.

I noticed yesterday the videos on youtube I was watching were probably going to bore her, feeling her present but restless.  They were just computer hardware videos.  So I switched over to a cartoon and felt immediately more... hm, centered?  That's the best way I can phrase it.

Today I wanted to play a vidya game, but most of the games I play are rather violent or mature.  Do you think it could be harmful to her development if I expose her to such things during her early days, or is she already exposed to these concepts having come from my mind?

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Unless you have developed complete memory separation, she should already have access to everything you have ever lived, including violent media. Do note, however, that even though she has access, she may not have actively looked at it. Still, if you do not feel comfortable doing something while she is around, you could just wait until a time where she is less active, or ask her to give you some privacy.

[Tyler]: I do not think tulpas develop quite like human children. After all, they're born with a literal lifetime of experience in their mind that does not pertain to them. They are still capable (and it is sort of the whole point) of having different likes and dislikes than you do, so she may not have been paying attention to the hardware videos because of boredom and found the other ones more interesting.
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Okay, that makes sense.

For the time being I will do such things when I don't feel her presence as strongly and always ask her to give me some private time. As time goes by I'll try to figure this out more and get a better grasp on where she's ate in regards to her mental development.
I don't think violence negatively impacts them, Elise likes to watch me play Killing Floor (which is quite violent) and she turned out fine. On the other hand she has the intellectual capacity of a 16 year old despite looking younger than that, so I guess it depends on how mature they are/how much they've looked at your memories and experiences.
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Quote: Do you think it could be harmful to her development if I expose her to such things during her early days, or is she already exposed to these concepts having come from my mind?
I doubt that. Back when Rose was with me, our relationship were built upon violence. She died over and over in more and more gruesome ways and made me feel oddly satisfied and eager to hold and pet her, before the whole death appeal lost that initial kick. Yet she oddly did not mind, almost as if it was normal, sometimes even looking forward to it as well. Sometimes we even commited it together in our wonderland. I miss those times, actually.
There are some issues here. For one, some tulpas act young on purpose. Some look young. But this doesn't mean they are young.

Tulpas seem to mature depending on how active they are. They can easily catch up to you in a year if they are active all the time. And even before that, many tulpas get urges, if you know what I mean, and then the question sort of changes.
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The thing is, the whole issue with violence and sex in media is more of a societal thing. Children are biologically more sensitive to information than us, but they're also much more likely to be influenced by violent media without rejecting it because they haven't been socially tempered, so here are good reasons to keep them away from things like that until they've matured.

Tulpa children, on the other hand, may not be children at all from various angles. Innocence and curiosity are characteristics I'd expect a tulpa child to have. But on the other hand, there are questions to ask. Do they have a vocabulary sufficiently complex enough to completely understand your warnings about violence? Do they have a good comprehension ability? Can they clearly discern that what they're witnessing is not acceptable when interacting with actual people? If the answers to these questions are yes, then that's a better indication than physical appearance about whether exposing them to violent media is detrimental or not.
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