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tulpa:friend for life
Hello, this is the start of my progress journal on my tulpa, currently my tulpa is in day 1 progress and I am working with and for her to build up her to a formidable imposed companion

Day 1: noticed nothing really special today other than first time talking to her I would get head pressures which I think means that my brain is coming up with something for her

Wonderland: currently my wonderland is a secluded house in the woods and it was her choice im pretty sure due to the fact it being my old school and without me doing anything it changing to its current position, thinking of just starting on a blank slate and walking around with her in it therefore visualising her and building a wonderland with her. 2 birds with one stone.

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Welcome! Sounds like good progress to me.

I started with a really small wonderland, a clearing in a forest with a house built into the bottom of the trunk of a giant oak tree. That served as her house until she became sentient, then she started changing things on her own.

Exploring your wonderland with your tulpa is great fun, but it might help to have one small building or something to start from, instead of an entirely blank slate.
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