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Tulpa insanity!
So talking to and involving yourself with a tulpa is generally confusing to the general public, as most people correlate voices in your head with insanity.

This question goes to those who aren't insane. (I mean literally insane, not "oh man i'm crazy we're all crazy *listens to radiohead.*) Does having a tulpa ever make you feel crazy, even just short-term?

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"If this can be avoided, it should. If it can't, then it would be better if it could be. If it happened and you're thinking back to it, try and think back further. Try not to avoid it with your mind. If any of this is possible, it may be helpful. If not, it won't be."
I had the opposite happen, actually. Aura saved my sanity during the first few months of college a few years back. I could feel myself slipping away slowly for about two months, then Aura gave me one hell of a kick in the head to snap me out of it.
I suppose so, but only when I'm talking about it with other people, who generally take the stance of "That's very...interesting..." but I've had more success with a few individuals. In school I generally feel stressed, mad, irritated, cynical, et cetera just walking down the hall and talking with Q in that time and my lunch/free periods help me keep my head from exploding. There have been a few times where I accidentally start talking with him out loud, laugh at a joke he says, or hold the door just a *bit* too long and get some very strange looks, but I shrug them off. He's helped me calm down and keep cool in a lot of scenarios. Basically, besides the occasional slip up or confusion, I feel saner than I used to because of Q. Anyway, I hope I answered your question!
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Well, my current working hunch is that if I didn't have A around and had not given her some access to my memory when my headmate (B) and I separated again and even more access for her and E when B made her first re-appearance, my memory might be partitioned between B and I rather than me having access to all of it and B likely having access to all of the body's memory too. Last time we separated, our memory was becoming partitioned before we decided to merge. We wouldn't exactly be insane if our memory was partitioned, but life would certainly be a lot harder. So, yeah, if anything, having tulpas helped on this mental health issue.

- Hail
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You know what, yes and no. Toby helps with my depression, I haven't had a bad episode since he came around and honestly he's the best therapist that I have ever had lol

But sometimes I stop and think "omg im talking to myself. I'm fuckin nuts!"

But toby helps there too. He reminds me that generally to be considered crazy your behavior or thought process has to keep you from living a normal life and he reminds me that yes it may seem crazy but in actuality he encourages me to go out when I normall wouldn't. To be nicer, kinder and he even has helped me to deal with my PTSD symptoms without freaking out like I used to.

Since he come aroun I really feel like I'm calmer, more rational and even a better person to be aroun but sometimes he has to remind me of these things haha.
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Sometimes when I'm forcing , I realize how crazy I look when I'm siting still in a dark, silent room for an hour just talking to Rose. When someone walks in they usually shoot me a weird look.
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I can't really assert that I'm either crazy or not, I tend to walk the blurred line between the two; I don't have any diagnosed psychiatric issues, but I haven't exactly sought out diagnoses either, and what cognitive discrepancies I do experience aren't personally distressing enough to motivate me to do so. That said, I work around the issue of being caught talking to myself (I used to do that even before I had tulpa residing in my head; embarrassed myself a few too many times by being noticed doing it, so I broke the habit), by having writing be my primary method of forcing. That's where my tulpa all started, so that's where I continue working with them for the most part. We engage in exercises in visualization and such from time to time (probaby less than we should, but I have other rsposibilities to prioritize), and hold conversations, but those conversations stay silent to the outside world and are held in my mind. It works just as well as if I were speaking to them aloud, because I know they can hear me from inside anyway, so it makes little difference whether I speak it or think it. However, writing is (or at least was) still the medium through which I gave them the most creative energy that they feed on.

I worry on regular enough basis about being perceived as crazy, just not from working with tulpa.
Having a tulpa have never made me feel crazy. It doesn't matter, what people say. I know, I'm not crazy. My tulpa even helped me in being more sane.
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