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Tulpa journal, I guess
I've been making a lot of progress with my tulpas recently, and wanted to keep track of some milestones and events (as well as conversations I've had with my tulpas.) I asked Faith about doing a journal, and she said, "Sounds interesting, why not?" I thought it might help me reflect and progress, as well as help with my poor short-term memory. Not sure how to do this really, but I'll try.

Past progress (happened before journal was made):

Febuary 8: Faith was created. 

Valentine's day: Gave Faith a necklace allowing her to see into my thoughts if she wants to. Not much happened throughout the rest of Febuary.

Sometime in early March: Faith said her first word to me (after I used a ouija board for the first time, not that it matters), which was "Pepsi". She still cannot pronounce it right, often calling it Bepsi or Bepis.

A few days later: Faith made herself a new form which she uses when travelling, a much more serpentine version of herself.

March 17: Quag was created.

Not much happend throughout March, other than altering Quag's form to look less like a Marshtomp.

Early April: I started going on the downward spiral. Also confessed existence of tulpas to therapist, who was supportive.

A few days after that: Tulpas went "exploring without permission" for 3 days straight in the wonderland (it's a giant archipelago), found Byss on an island by himself and he came with me.

Current Progress (after this journal was made):

April 14: Byss talked to me for the first time. I told him that I was going to teach him how to talk and he said "I can already talk." Constructed him a temple in a cave beneath a lake, mostly against my own will.

April 15: Quag became vocal. Oddly, when asked to describe something, she describes an experience associated with it rather than the actual thing she is asked to describe.

April 18: After talking with everyone, we agreed that Quag and Byss would go dormant for a month both to see how it works out for us, and also so Faith and I can focus on development.

May 14-17: Faith and I had many conversations about abstract, confusing and sensitive topics. She's getting much better at talking and her development is going very well. We also made the decision that Byss would stay dormant forever since he was so antisocial, demanding and a walk-in. Quag will still be woken up on the 18th.

I guess I'll update it when I reach a new milestone or something interesting happens.
I have autism and asperger's, I respond poorly in most social situations and I'm going through a lot of family, school and mental problems right now. If I seem awkward, rude or disinterested, I don't mean to be, since I struggle with wording.

I am the host. My tulpas are Faith and Quag. We are all female.

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Congratulations and welcome!
Hopefully you already know this, but you should pump your breaks in creating more tulpas. All yours were created very close together, so that makes me think you're going to make more. Three tulpas is more than enough, I think, you should definitely focus on them and not make more. Be wary of "walk-ins" or "tulpas" that you "find," since the likelihood that they're sentient upon arriving is very, very small, and you can safely discard them. Here's an essay we wrote if you want to learn more.
I'm Piano Soul, the "Star Man" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa formed January 2017. My systemmates are Apollo, Luxio, & Indigo. Form images: 1 2
Especially in the beginning, you really don't know what to expect.

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