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Tulpa Knowing Things Host Doesn't
Have any other systems experienced this? If so, with what? How do you think this happens?

We've experienced this a couple times -- most recently tonight, with Baker's surprisingly extensive knowledge of alcohol. I've largely abstained, and about as far as I know is: wine smells terrible, vodka is for self-hatred, and peppermint schnapps is just mouthwash but sweeter. (No offense to those who like to drink! Just not my glass of cider! ^^ ) Baker, however, went on to describe and recommend several different types of alcohol with detailed descriptions, which when checked against Google, seem to be very accurate.

The first and most notable time was him teaching me how to breathe properly, which was... An Experience. The way I used to breathe hurt my chest if I tried to take deep breaths, making it impossible to meditate. Had no idea you *could* breathe differently.

As for how... I'd argue the different perspective could apply for the second case (in that he's more body aware by far), though I don't know that it could for the first. I used to watch drink mixing videos, but never really retained the knowledge, and have been incorrect in guessing the tastes of different alcohols since, so I'm more doubtful of the idea of tulpas accessing forgotten or subconscious memories.

My simple explanation of this is that I experienced these sensations before (speaking as a fictive / tulpa with a fictional past). I don't know how that non-existant experience carried over to this real experience in this body. Maybe it's just how I imagine those drinks, and it happens to line up. I was wrong about cognac.

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*Purely non-metaphysical response


Different perspective, no bias, and you picked up enough over your life that the information is all in there, you just are set more in your ways or don't care. To remain in general discussion that's the story.


Certainly you can have your own experiences from your fictive past, in order to 'remember them' this brain has to have heard of them. Any other non-corporeal explanation is possible but this thread goes to the metaphysical section if we go there.
In my experience, if the tulpa seems to know something you don't, it's because you absorbed that knowledge at some point and forgot about it. In our case, I identify as male, but Luna knows a lot of things about being female (i.e. what types of clothes look good together, how to accessorize, she even knows a bit about makeup). As someone that typically identifies as male, I have little use for this knowledge, but presumably I learned about all of these things at some point and filed them away in the back of my head, which is why Luna now has access to them. Also, on a tangent, she's really good at cleaning the meat off of BBQ ribs, we've never known why she inherited that particular byte of knowledge.
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Motivation to know something seems to play a big role in how things are remembered. I think it's reasonable to assume that if a different system member wanted to learn about something, they can go through past memories and pull the information they want. Once doing that, they re-assign who it belongs to and make the memory stronger, possibly adding to the illusion the Tulpa knows things the host doesn't know.

I am curious about Aster's recall ability... Now that Baker can recall the different wine tastes, do you still have trouble doing the same thing now?
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Baker: That's sensible. As a former roleplay character, I figure there'd be little of my past that COULD come from anywhere else but Aster's dumb head, frankly. ?

Aster trawls the internet often. It's likely they've encountered more information than they realize.

Aster: I do still have trouble thinking of what each alcohol type would taste like -- though Baker tends to butt in with the answer. A few friends and I are heading to a bar in the near future, I might give it a try when I have more privacy and report back!
Bear remembers almost all alcohol tasting horrible. Even $500 wine still tastes like wine, and special homebrew beer that's supposedly 'the best' still tastes like sour stomach acid. Even high end liquor still tastes like paint thinner or turpentine. So i not too enthused to try for myself. This doesn't stop people from gushing over alcohol flavor, so your experience may vary.
To be honest, I had this conversation with Amantha a long time back. Though she's pretty smart and helped me a lot with things I had trouble coming up with myself, she told me she doesn't have a memory of her own. She just comes up with stuff by using my brain (maybe differently than I do?) and in some cases just retrieves certain events from my memory more easily than I do.
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Sounds about right. Just because you have the same knowledge doesn't mean you'll apply it the same way (or think in the same way).
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Or have the right keys to access the same memories. The consious mind is really good at blocking memories that aren't relevant to the situation, so you could have things only one systemmate remembers because it's tied to their perspective and irrelevant to anyone else.

[Dashie] Another reason why tulpas might have a clearer mind, we're not burden by the little things that you have to keep track of.

[Misha] like our art, I think without me, Bear would still be stuck thinking he can't draw faces. My clarity and fresh set of eyes were there to show him how easy it is.
So Tulpas can access parts of your long term memory even if you can't? Very interesting.

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