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Tulpa pixel dolls & pixel art
Something that might be fun and relatively quick for those of you artistically inclined (even if you're not artistically inclined, it doesn't take a huge amount of skill to make these, particularly from the bases). They're also fun to post places cuz they're cute and small and clean:

Pixel dolls and/or pixel artwork of your tulpas

Here are some that I made USING BASES--these are SUPER old (around 10 years) and not of tulpas, but you get the idea

[Image: machiko_final.gif]
[Image: ksiggy5g.gif]
(I don't even know where the one without the stupid banner is for this one)

And then I have a couple of Dom that I made from scratch (i.e. not from doll bases obviously):
[Image: dommiepixel.gif]
(This one is from 2006 before he evolved physically a bit)

And here is one of him I made yesterday
[Image: dom-pixel-FIN_zps0b58c7d9.gif]

There are TONS of online resources for them, including some doll generators with pre-made clothes and the like. Plus, you get to look at naked pixel girls (or guys). Here are some links, for fun:

PixiStar - this is a database for ALLLLLLLL kinds of doll bases you can use to create your pixel representation of your tulpa. I believe they're all free to use.

Pixel Doll Step By Step - this is a simple little progression of the stages this person took to make their pixel doll. Gives you an idea of how it's done.

Pixel Princess Dollmaker - this is a fun little thingy whatever to make a pixel doll without having to know how to use Photoshop or any art program. Only downside is you don't really have the freedom of bases, but there are TONS of clothing and hair and all kinds of stuff here.

Pixel Doll tutorial part 1 - a complete tutorial for those who want to use art programs, in 2 parts
Pixel Doll tutorial part 2 - another pixel doll maker thingy with lots of different types of bases and whatnot

MLP Pony Maker - not exactly pixels but you can make basically any MLP you can imagine

MLP PIXEL resources: Male pony base Female pony base by same artist as above Male pony base from someone else with wing option etc. Female pony base by same person as above Large MLP pixel base Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Applejack Rarity Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie

Please post your creations! <3

( Yes I am aware of this thread, but nothing much came of it. Plus, this isn't about sprites. )
I'm Alanna, Domnopalus' host. Dom always speaks in brackets []

Tulpa: Domnopalus || Form (I am the artist) || WL: Bald cypress swamp. || Progress Report

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Domnopalus, I feel like you are some sort of pioneer of the Tulpa Art Board. Unfortunately, the tulpa art community isn't all the large. So i'm going to make good use of your enthusiasm while I can.

Well anyway, here it is, It is a bit blurry because I accidentally resized it then saved over it.
[Image: PEqrToE.gif]
Sometimes I feel so generic and not creative when I see or hear about tulpas such as yours.
Awww! That's so sweet of you to say, Maddilyn. I love your tulpa doll! I think they're just so fun--and when they're finished it's like, you can post them places and it's almost like they're there or something. Can't quite explain it. They're just the right size and with their transparent BGs and everything. You did a lovely job! And she looks like someone I'd like to meet. I don't think she's generic. You have to create what YOU feel comfortable with. I've had Domnopalus for 8 years, before I even knew he was a tulpa. Plus my whole life has been basically dedicated to drawing horses and horse-like creatures, lol! So it just satisfies my muse. Humans and humanoid creatures sometimes are just the thing to satisfy others' muses--but the important thing is that it's satisfied. It's all what you're used to and what inspires you. <3 If you have time or feel like it's something you wanna do, it would sure be fun to see her in a bunch of different poses and the like! XD
I'm Alanna, Domnopalus' host. Dom always speaks in brackets []

Tulpa: Domnopalus || Form (I am the artist) || WL: Bald cypress swamp. || Progress Report
This is neat!

Personally, I think it's better to just get off of one's lazy ass and learn how to draw, but these template things work too.

Regardless, I can not lie, I do love this bit style of art...
Here is Aria in her 'human form'. First time experimenting with pixel art since I'm not very good at drawing. Sad

[Image: OrHFlEG.png]

Whatever, I still think it's nice (but more importantly, so does she!). Oh, and by the way, we are new here, so it is very nice to meet you all and we look forward to what the future has in store. Smile
Hi.. I cant seem to find a tutorial easy enough for me to work out what to do. They talk about grabbing a base and then starting to add things to it (I understand that) but how how does one get the base so one can draw on it in the first place?

Ive found the following base which I'd like to mess with thou it isnt my tulpas face shape and the eyes are too big ..
Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 
Working on imposition

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