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Tulpa Power Nap
Last night I had to stay up for something and I lost a little more than 4 hours of potential sleep. I was worried I would space out and not pay attention in my math class, and while sitting in that class today I thought about a strange idea: Is it possible a Tulpa could "absorb" your tiredness, and effectively make you less tired while they go and take a nap? Ranger noticed the thought and then he wanted to try it out. After he "absorbed" my feeling of being tired (a couple of times ?), I felt more awake in class while Ranger became really tired and instantly took a nap, being unable to wake up. Not only was I able to get through the class (I still felt tired in class but it was a major improvement), I felt as awake as I would be normally after class, as if I had not lost sleep at all! The effect seemed to wear off about a couple hours later once Ranger started to wake from his nap. Not too long later he gave back what "tiredness" he still had left over and I ended up taking a short nap on the couch.

I'm really curious how this was able to occur. I wonder if it worked because of the placebo effect or if it worked because Ranger was able to suppress my ability to feel tired for a couple hours, despite being tired and falling asleep in the process. I did not drink coffee the night I stayed up late or during the following day. Despite the cause of it, I was really glad Ranger did that for me and it seemed like it gave him a free pass from having to sit through a boring math class and some other boring stuff.
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You'd be surprised how much control you have over your mental faculties, if you knew how to exert it. Typically, placebo is the only way, without some extensive practice or training. I could, for example, simply get up and not be tired the instant I wake up if I really truly wanted to. I've done it before, such as when waking up late for school I guess, when the bus was coming in like two minutes. But I sure don't want to. Tewi typically wants to, so (when switched) she gets up pretty quickly just fine.

It comes down to the age-old subject of tulpas as a conduit for placebo, which they are amazing at. It's not really an ability of tulpas so much as you convincing yourself that something will or just can be the case, because of them, and then it is. Not many scenarios is it actually on the tulpa's behalf, just the fact that your tulpa enabled you to believe whatever it was could even be the case.

But anyways, that's still not real sleep. The answer to "can my tulpa sleep for me"/"can one of us be awake while the other sleeps" will always be no. Sleeping is a physical thing your body needs to do, and if it's not totally shut down it doesn't count as sleep. There's a limit to what placebo can do, or rather a limit to how much your own manipulation of your thoughts can affect your body.

But to answer your question, tulpas "can" do things like helping their hosts lucid dream, or have better control over their emotions/decision making, or even relieve pain to the extent that placebo can. It's not necessarily due to your actual tulpa doing such a thing though. It's more like they're a conduit for doing these things that, honestly, tend to be incredibly difficult to do without them.
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I believe it's more on the placebo effect rather than you transferring your tiredness to your tulpa. Although, this happened to me one time. I woke from a 3 hrs sleep and needed to get ready for school but i was soo tired that i asked Summer to switch with me and take a quick trance nap until she was ready to head out. Suprisingly she's very active, like the tiredness of the body didn't affect her at all.

When we switched back, I felt less tired and is ready to take a nap but summer still jumping with energy. Weird but it was such a fun experience. The power of the mind is amazing.
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