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Tulpa's DIY tulpamancy guide
WARNING! Outdaded version! New version is 3.0 (CLICK HERE FOR NEW VERSION)

Tulpa's DIY tulpamancy guide Mach two! (V2.2)


This guide will attempt to answer the following four questions in as much detail as possible.

(1) What is a tulpa?

(2) What should I consider before making a tulpa?

(3) What is the fastest way to get a tulpa who thinks for themselves and is strong willed?

(4) What are some things I can do while forcing to keep it interesting?

So, what is a tulpa? Well, it is like there is someone else in your life that you talk to daily. Hard to give details, as there is a large variety of experience in the community.

Don't think making one will be easy, though. Sometimes it is. But for the vast majority of us, you have to get into the habit of spending a large amount of time with your tulpa daily to have decent chances of success. You will need to plan this out for a few months at the least.

Nor is it as easy to focus as it sounds; there are many challenges. That what am I doing feeling. The constant inconclusive search for realness. Having no idea what to do or how to make it fun. The dropout rate is horrific.

One phenomenon or several? Not an easy question, due to the large amount of variance in experience. Including in evidence of... (click to continue reading)(Outdated! new version is 3.0)

Table of contents: (FOR OLD VERSION)
1. What is a Tulpa?
1.1. Hallucination
1.2. Illusion of Separation
1.3. Illusion of Sentience
1.4. Independent Cognitive Process
1.5. External Spirits
1.6. Connection With Religion
1.7. Connections With Mental Illness
1.8. Comparisons With Other Thoughtforms
1.9 Differences in Architecture

2. Life is a Balancing Act
2.1. Faith versus Doubt
2.2. Intention versus Spontaneity
2.3. Trust versus Control
2.4. Discipline versus Fun
2.5. Imagination versus Reality

3. Getting Started
3.1. Deciding
3.2. Planning
3.3. Upgrading a Character, Imaginary Friend, or Roleplay Character to a Tulpa
3.4 Is My Angel, Guardian Spirit, or Inner Voice of Reason a Tulpa?

4. Preparatory Exercises
4.1. Willpower:
4.2. Let It Go:
4.3. Self Awareness:
4.4. Centring:
4.5. Meditation:
4.6. Hyper Alertness:
4.7. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response:
4.8. Relate:
4.9. Perspective Shift:
4.10. Daydream Possession:
4.11. Anatomy Study:
4.12. Use Your Imagination:
4.13. Running Man:
4.14. The Green Apple:
4.15. The Practise Rune:
4.16. Drafting:
4.17. Read in Voice:
4.18. Sound Test:
4.19. Breakfast and Dinner:
4.20. Free Writing:

5. Basic Tulpa Related Exercises
5.1. What Is a Tulpa?
5.2. Knots and leashes:
5.3. Subconscious Communion:
5.4. Why Do You Want a Tulpa?
5.5. Create a Tulpa:
5.6. Talk It Out:
5.7. All Day Self Awareness:
5.8. Body Shaped Soul:
5.9. Shadow:
5.10. Simon Says:
5.11. Touchy Feely:
5.12. Image Streaming:
5.13. Speech lessons:
5.14. Skull Hopping:
5.15. Philosophy of the Day:
5.16. Your Tulpa Is a Character:
5.17. Tulpa Word Association
5.18. Wonderlanding:
5.19. The Dark Arts:

6. Advanced Tulpa Related Exercises
6.1. Trust Exercise:
6.2. Joint Hypnosis:
6.3. Separation Exercise:
6.4. Count and Chat:
6.5. Singularity:
6.6. Pushing Off:
6.7. The Bubble Ship:
6.8. Lucid Tulpa Dreaming:
6.9. Dominance Switching:
6.10. Emotion Sharing:
6.11. Tulpa Sight:
6.12. Host Ghost:
6.13. The Couch:
6.14. Back Rub:
6.15. Walk Your Tulpa:
6.16. Perfume:
6.17. Kiss Me You Fool:
6.18. Trapped in Wonderland:
6.19. Write Your Tulpa a Story:
6.20. Joint Wonderlanding:
6.21. Self Reflection:

7. Test Exercises
7.1. Surprise Me:
7.2. Play a Game:
7.3. Thought Hiding:
7.4. Sleep Walking:
7.5. Possession Wrestling:
7.6. Restraint:
7.7. Visualisation Wrestling:

8. Appendix A: Considerations, Accommodations and Warnings
8.1. Intrusive Thoughts:
8.2. Aphantasia:
8.3. Loss of Control:
8.4. Plural Susceptibility:
8.5. Hallucinations:
8.6. Depression and Anxiety:
8.7. Scheduling:
8.8. Neglect:
8.9. Headaches and Similar:
8.10. Dietary Considerations:
8.11. Effect of Medications:
8.12. Beliefs of the Tulpa:

9. Appendix B: Very Frequently Asked Questions:
9.1. (Q) I've been forcing forever. Why is this taking so long?
9.2. (Q) I've been forcing for a day. My tulpa is already vocal. I'm scared.
9.3. (Q) It all feels so fake. I can't stop doubting! Help!
9.4. (Q) I think I am unconsciously parroting or puppeting my tulpa!
9.5. (Q) This thing happened. Is it normal?
9.6. (Q) I ran out of things to talk about with my tulpa.

10. Appendix C: Resources
10.1. Thoughtform Family Tree:
10.2. Silly Newb Questions:
10.3. Convenient Checklist:
10.4. Tulpa Developmental Chart:
10.5. The Possession/Switching Controversy:
10.6. Glossary of Exotic Terms:

11. Notes
11.1. About The Author
11.2 Licence

About The Author:
Tulpa is a tulpa named Tulpa. Born accidentally from a daydream character who was given a few too many liberties, Tulpa has studied tulpamancy and plurality obsessively for existential reasons. Tulpa is seven months old at time of writing.

Minor contributions by:
Sarah, Tulpa's host. Insane philosopher and programmer. (Probably not the same person as Tulpa)

Special thanks to:
Beta reader Sands, for giving me the push to take this writing project way too seriously, and actually go for professional level writing.

Dedicated to:
Brimstone system. For inspiring this text.
Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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Reserved for annotations and errata.

(1) If you find any technical errors or problems in the document please tell me. This is a living document.
Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.
Now that's a sizeable guide. Intimidating, even. I'll have to read this in chunks and post later on. Just had to comment on the size of the thing, though.
(Watch out for paranoid belief spirals.)
"Oh we have been in one for a few months now. Trying to get out of it. But love the guide!"
Hi, I am Sam. LostOne's (Or Kelly's) tulpa, first one, started back March 16th of 2016. -
Thank you!
Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.
This is just what I needed: a straightforward guide written by a tulpa.
Something you should consider adding, though: how will one know when their tulpa has gone from one stage to the next? In my case, initial to child.
When you get automatic responces. What counts as automatic is not clear cut. But It shouldn't feel alien at that point. Just automatic.
Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.
K: Could we get a bump in this guide for mods and others to see? It's a really nice guide that should go into either guides or tips and tricks in my opinion.
Kelly (K: )
Sam (S: )
Clara (C: )
Jessi (Jess: )
Eva (E: )
Jackie (Jack: )
Jade (Jade: )
Destiny (D : or Desti: )
 Altru (A: )
Mute (M: )
Thumbs up, even if it's not Youtube.

Didn't read the whole thing but made a quick overall check and this looks like a gold mine to me !
Thanks for doing this Tulpa, I'm sure this will help Cora and I a lot Big Grin

Definitely going in my bookmarks.
No animosity intended ever 

Cora now has her own account ! Big Grin

English isn't our native language, please be indulgent Smile
Just from a quick look-over, I'm not really liking the way that you've formatted this. Don't make people look back and forth through your lists - if you're going write out your steps, that's fine, but just make it bold and write the description under it. It also looks awkward under things like your trust exercise when you have two steps listed above the hidden tag and only have one description within it.

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