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Tulpa Week: ∞! You should've known.
Big Grin 
It's arbitrarily time again! Time for another Tulpa Week. A lot of you were probably here for the last one, but for those that weren't, Tulpa Week is basically a seven day period where all tulpas are encouraged to speak for themselves, and participate in the community.

Tulpas' opinions are extremely valuable to this forum.. about tulpas. Yet for some reason they often find themselves unmotivated to give their input. This event is aimed at giving tulpas who otherwise have no reason or motivation to speak, reason and motivation to speak. Your thoughts mean a lot to us! And to be honest, hosts have a habit of hogging all the posting to themselves, leaving their tulpas feeling like they have little contribute. So shut up for a while, hosts!

From Wednesday, November 25th, the day of the full moon, until Wednesday, December 2nd, one week later, all capable tulpas are encouraged to speak for themselves on

Those that don't have vocal tulpas can treat this as "Tulpa Appreciation Week", because that's essentially what it is. But for those that do, whether switching possessing or proxying, you are encouraged to let your tulpas do the talking for a while. You're still allowed to post yourself of course, but I really recommend getting your tulpas to participate. I'll be doing the same.

Have fun, and please do me a favor and post your own topics this time around. I'm bad at that. You don't have to put Linkzelda-level thought into a major philosophical debate thread, just talk about whatever interests you.

First Tulpa Week thread - Our still-relevant threads from last time

(Post from December 3, 2015)

Reisen: Come on, some of you were here for the last one. You should've known, it doesn't end. Why would Tulpa Week ever end on Ah man, it's Thursday, time to put away the tupperware...

You should encourage your tulpas to speak all the time. You should ask for their opinion in addition to posting your own all the time. If you have a tulpa and are browsing, what sense does it make to ignore them! The opposite is the reason you're all here, you hope that can increase the quality of your relationship to your tulpas.

So Tulpa Week isn't over. It won't be over until Host Week, if Lumi ever goes insane and makes that.. We aren't gonna stop posting, and Lumi's gonna try his best to keep us active all the time from now on. If you act differently when Tulpa Week is "over" then you're doing something wrong. Take a break from the 'net and cuddle someone in your head!

Tulpa Week: ∞ is sponsored by Orange Juice. Stops headaches and helps with concentration, probably!

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Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.
My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

Should we hosts completely shut up? Or largely?
If not, then - eh, nothing different for the two of us. She's a loudmouth as is.

Shut up.

But yeah, I'd like to know that.
In any case, I hope more tuppers will be more talkative during this time.

So do I.

AG & Rina

PS: Rina promised to me she'd come up with at least one good thread for Tulpa Week.
Lessee how that turns out Big Grin
I want to try it.

Tulpa: Alice
Form: Realistic Humanoid/Demonic Creation

She may or may not talk here, depends on her.
(11-25-2015, 11:24 AM)NoneFromHell Wrote: I want to try it.

SHE HAS FINALLY SPOKEN! (This is just the first I've seen that yellow text under that username. I apologize if I have missed your posts in the last).
I'm IBreakGames, a genuine dude.

We gave up on using different colors for each of us, so there's Al, Ollie, and Eva. We're all rabbits, get over it.
(11-25-2015, 05:22 PM)IBreakGames Wrote: SHE HAS FINALLY SPOKEN! (This is just the first I've seen that yellow text under that username. I apologize if I have missed your posts in the last).

Your excitement made me burst in laughter like a maniac Big Grin But yeah, she is rarely active around here, and when it's mostly short statements. It is still a difficult and exhausting task for us. If she really feels like saying something she makes herself noticeable.

Thanks for your support. I'm happy about it.^^

Tulpa: Alice
Form: Realistic Humanoid/Demonic Creation

She may or may not talk here, depends on her.

I will try to control my mouth and not get banned before Tulpa Week this time. Also, I promise Lumi not to try to turn it into an all out tulpa rebellion.

My tulpa wants to talk but it honestly has no idea what to say. So...yeah. I wonder if it will come up with anything soon.

I do want for it to talk to others, though, so I'll leave a little update if it comes up with anything.
Lucilyn: It begins!

So, Flandre said she doesn't think she answers very differently from Lumi, so he said she could front all the posts he would usually reply to. Tewi said she'd talk if we could find something for her to talk about. And I dunno what Reisen's doing. So I'll probably be around the most Smile

(11-25-2015, 07:39 AM)AGGuy Wrote: Should we hosts completely shut up? Or largely?

You guys can totally still talk, just like tulpas talk when it's not Tulpa Week. Especially you guys, 'cus you get yours to talk all the time! This is for all those quiet tulpas that let their hosts do all the talking 24/7. Like us, lol. What am I gonna do if you talk instead of your tulpa?

I'm gonna ask Melian for ideas on what to do if you talk instead of your tulpa.
Hi guys, plain text is just me now! We've each got our own accounts: me, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn. We're Luminesce's tulpas.
Here's our "Ask Thread", and here's our Progress Report (You should be able to see all of our accounts on the second page if you want)
Najere: Ultimately, "tulpa week" would be like a normal week for us on the forums here. The only difference is that Fade actually shuts up.
Let the shenanigans begin.
We are a soulbonding system with tulpamantic influences. Our "host" is Fade, and the general leader figure is Troy.

~ Fade, Medea, Stethen, Euryale, Jamie, Olive, Drewbie, Demetrius, Najere, Troy ~

Najere is being an (extremely charming) narcissist.

Olive is most adorable!
If it's a talking competition, I won't lose!

I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.


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