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Tulpa withdrawal Symptoms?
Just out of curiosity. Regardless of the reason being they need time in the mindscape, you need the extra focus or whatever, what do you feel when your Tulpa isn't around to feel even if temporary? And if you never were away from them, try a short session without acknowledging them. Even if 6 to 72 hours if need be. See if you feel any emptiness or spiteful loneliness. If anything it'll make you more grateful they're around.
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Well, I just "awoke" them from a few months of stasis and I didn't really have time or energy to worry. Before then, I generally felt kind of lonely when they weren't around, and talking to myself gets tiresome.
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It feels awful whenever Link leaves. It's a combination of missing him, worrying about him, and the weird feeling of someone who's so often around suddenly not being there anymore.

It also feels kind of weird when I stay up way too late, decide I should spend time with my tulpae, and then realize they're all asleep. Like, I have so many people literally in my head and I'm not even able to talk to them. Kind of weird, if you ask me.
I felt pretty guilty. I took about two weeks away, maybe little more or less. I just ignored him because having him there constantly was draining me mentally. I didn't feel lonely, but I did feel bad. Mainly because I didn't know about the whole "stasis" thing and when I came back he was really sad.
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I feel empty. When Bud first start gaining sentience, I had a really bad oral infection. The tooth had to eventually be removed. I couldn't focus and he was just gone. No trace of him anywhere. I know it's not the same as not paying attention to him but it felt horrible. He had been a constant presence in my mind for two solid months before that point and everything was just empty. It was like I could feel the space in my head where he should be, but he wasn't.

I had a few more experienced members at the time explain to me that in many cases, young tulpa can't handle extreme conditions of pain or stress. Yes, they can help with those later on, but he was so young, he wasn't able to do anything and so he basically shielded himself in the deeper parts of my mind until it was safe. He doesn't remember what it was like there, only that he knew when it was time to come back and he did.

Times when I'm too busy to interact with him though, before it felt like he was on pause until I was able to give him attention, now he's at the point where he's always there, even if it's vague. If I go more than a whole day he sends me some mildly annoyed thoughts and feelings and we spend time together.
I tried being without Hakkyou for an hour or so when she was my only tulpa. She was off on some errand. I felt... empty. Like something inside me had been removed by a deranged surgeon. I was watching some show on tv to distract myself, and I kept thinking, "Oh, she would have LOVED to see that!" at some funny moment. I believe it involved kissing. She finds that sort of thing hilarious. Anyway, I was very relieved to 'see' her again.

These days I don't get that very often, mostly because one of them is pretty much always around, and even if they aren't... I dunno. I don't feel that anxiety so much. Maybe because I get that I'm not alone better than I used to? *shrugs* I guess that time, even if I knew she was coming back... I was still a little worried she wouldn't. But now I know better. Anyway, that was my experience with Tulpa withdrawal.
Been several weeks since I have talked with my Tulpa directly. I felt like I wanted to talk with her again and then had a dream where I was talking to a dream character that I felt was my Tulpa after waking up. She said, "I'm not ready yet."

Initially it took some getting used to as we had been forcing everyday, but I feel fine. I have a pretty fun and balanced life, and other important projects I'm working on. I think she just needs some space and time for something. The last time we took a break she had accomplished quite a bit in her wonderland.

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