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Tulpae and dreaming
This is probably for more experienced Tulpamancers.
I've been working on my Tulpa, he's not quite vocal yet. And noticed that every time I call him I feel this awkward feeling running down my spine (like a shiver). Sometimes is pronounced enough to make me my hand shake a little. This morning I woke up @ 5:30 and fell asleep again, after that I had a very realistic dream of that morning. At one moment of the dream I called my Tulpa by his name and that sent a shiver so strong that it shook my whole body. Like being stun gunned.

Now a few questions
Is the whole shiver thing normal?
Do Tulpae interact with you in a dream like IRL?
Can they make you aware that you are dreaming and make you lucid or are they restricted like any person sleeping?

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yes, yes, and yes. those things have happen to us as well. It will take some time ans effort from both of you before they can truly dream with you but it can be done. Once it is, well, let the fun begun.
I don't like calling her 'my' tulpa, I don't own her. She is the tulpa that lives with me in our body.
I'm not sure that there's a normal when it comes to tulpas. Many people seem to get head pressures, for example, and after nearly a year of forcing, I never have. I do get the shivers though, and she has interacted with me in dreams, even to the point of telling me that I'm dreaming -- although sometimes a dream is just a dream, and you can always ask your tulpa afterward if you're not sure.
I never really shivered enough to remember it, but I don't think it's abnormal at all, you shouldn't be concerned. About the dreams, it's not surprising that had a dream like that, the way you described it sounds like a method of becoming lucid in dreams, namely, WBTB or Wake Back To Bed. To answer your question, yes, they can absolutely interact with you in your dreams just as they might in real life. The second question; absolutely. This has actually happened to me before on multiple occasions, and it makes gettinginto a lucid state much easier.
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