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Tulpae and lifespan
This is something that's been bugging me since before I started work with my own tulpa.

Consider this: A human lifespan is only so long. And most people wait until at least 20 or over before learning about tulpae and starting creation. So a tulpa's lifespan is only that of the host minus what the host has already lived. That's probably a good deal less with most people, even in good health.

One of the things that kept me from going on with my tulpa was this. It seemed unfair to create a sentient being with a pre-cut thread of life, so to speak.

Could I get some opinions on this from creators and tulpae? Does/did this occur to you or bother you? How do you cope with feeling almost guilty about things like not working out as much as one should or eating junk food that isn't good for the one heart you both have? How do you tulpae feel about it?

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Luna: We didn't ask to be made, much the same way as you humans never asked to be born. Yet here we are. In that regard, making a tulpa is no different from bringing a human child into the world. As for the whole sharing responsibility for a body thing, I think that extends to the tulpa sharing their host's survival instinct and doing what they can to keep them out of harm's way. But survival instincts don't stop you from putting poison into your bodies or mutilating them or doing other things that are bad for your health, so why should we be held to a higher standard?
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It was our decision to create a tulpa and not theirs, and when there is life, there is death; to everything. So instead of not forcing, just keep going because the worst kind of death for a tulpa is one where the host gives up on them. At age 20 you still have a-ways to go in your life and your age shouldn't matter when it comes to tulpamancing.
glitchthe3rd: A child survives the death of both parents and if I die my best friend doesn't automatically go with me by my behavior. Neither of these is true for tulpae. Maybe I worry too much, though. It's funny that I'm so resigned to fate that if I kill myself through some stupid darwin award winning stuff I'm more okay with my own death than his.

GlassElevator: Well I'm 25 but who's counting, lol. And I've already thought of the whole "life as a tulpa or nothing" point. It seems getting about halfway done and then shrinking away from it would be the absolute worst.
I'm pretty much a "eat what you want" sort of gal so unhealthy foods don't make me guilty. I do make sure that I eat more fiber, have less calcium, and eat less chips though. But not because of my tulpa. I don't really exercise much, either. The most I do would be swimming with friends or walking sometimes.

I don't think he and I have ever really talked about death, but I know for sure he's never seemed bothered by what I eat or how little I exercise. Guess he shares that with me, huh? ;]
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Bud: Mom made me out of curiosity to see if she could and partially to have spiritual help (a lot like the obscure Buddhist sect that started all of this). I know my life lies within her own and I'm at peace with it. When our time comes, I don't fear it. Every beginning has an end, even if one's ride is shorter than the others. Even if my existence could transcend her's in some way, I don't want it to. Her end is my end. I don't want to be without her in the way we are even if I could be.

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