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Tulpae and mental conditions
Hey, I was wondering if anyone with pre existing mental conditions (ADD, Schizophrenia, Bipolar e.t.c.) has embarked upon forcing / created a tulpa and if these conditions have any effects on the process or final outcome of forcing? I personally suffer from depression/hypomania and am currently a few weeks into forcing a tulpa. I hypothesize that certain conditions such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder may make forcing easier whilst others such as ADD make it harder. Wondered if anyone could share experiences to back up or debunk this.

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I suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder, and it has little impact on forcing itself. However, it has caused arguments between my tupper and I due to my anxiety spiking worse case scenarios a lot, especially when I read the more negative stories on tulpas. I could see certain disorders making it easier or more difficult to force, however, though I can not provide experience as anxiety hasn't impacted my forcing.
I deal with both depression and anxiety, and having tulpas actually helps me out a lot in coping. They give me a lot of moral support and reassurance when I need it, not to mention the ability to bounce ideas back and forth and discuss issues I am dealing with.

As for the disorders themselves affecting the the process of forcing, I'd say there isn't really a huge difference, at least not in my case. I'm at the point where I always want to spend time with my tulpas; pretty much passive forcing constantly.
Although, when I'm in a depressed episode they always want to help me out of it, so that could in theory improve forcing if I were just beginning, because it would prompt interaction between us.

I would say though that the amount of influence mental abnormalities have on forcing is highly subjective to the individual.
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I'm only 4 weeks in myself, so I don't have the most perspective on the matter. Of the two things I have walking into this, there is one that I suspect will have an effect. The first one is autism. Not sure what effect that has had or will have, if anything. The second one is that I definitely used to be plural (I would not say DID/MPD because other than a bit of distress, things were OK so it wasn't really much of a disorder) and potentially might still be (that is a complicated subject that would take a lot of time to discuss). My hunch (and it is just a hunch) is that that should make the process of making a tulpa easier, because my brain already is configured to have more than one consciousness in it. I did have a very advanced (and dangerous) servitor at one point and I would say that it did help in making that, though it is hard to be certain because I used a method that seems to be quite a bit different than what people seem to be using around here (I am actually working on a guide about it) so I don't have people to really compare with.
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My host says I helped him a lot with his depression, and I help him escape from negative thought patterns often. In more depressed periods it has been harder for him to hear me, though.

There are lots of people with all kinds of conditions that create tulpas, and it's different for everyone of course. There are people with autism, Asperger's, ADD and more who all have tulpas. I feel like tulpas can help their hosts out with most of those conditions, and I've seen it happen with a host who has trouble relating to people. His tulpa says that they help him with feeling empathy and emotions.
I have Aspergers and ADD and I was able to make a tupper just fine. Seraph loves to chat with me, and her presense is more or less imposed. It sometimes feels like someone is watching me, or looking over my shoulder.
(04-22-2014, 12:57 AM)Argentum Wrote: I have Aspergers and ADD and I was able to make a tupper just fine. Seraph loves to chat with me, and her presense is more or less imposed. It sometimes feels like someone is watching me, or looking over my shoulder.

Wow, Asperger's and ADD? I'm sorry man....

Anyway, to the subject, I have had Asperger's and most likely half of the anxieties out there. It's not quite sure what anxieties I have, but I know for sure that I have Panic Disorder and GAD. Along with that, I have had Depression creeping up on me.... and I think a month ago I would've been considered to have that diagnosis.

The reason I don't have the diagnosis though is because of my tulpas actually. Teckie has been there for me along with Vinyl as well. Although, Teckie has been the largest influence probably.

Asperger's might have been able to enhance my tulpa-creation abilities due to how powerful this disorder can do to your passions. Passion really is a powerful thing in tulpa-forcing, because it gives a person absolutely none-to-no doubt about the negative of what they have a passion about.
(At least that is what I have observed)

Therefore, I am just going to conclude that tulpas actually help you to control mental disorders, because now I am starting to learn about the deeper workings of my mind.
I've noticed from observing the community that tulpae do seem to be at risk of being affected by psychological disorders that the host has (a tulpa is more likely to become depressed if the host is depressed, more likely to suffer from anxiety if the host suffers from anxiety, etc.). However, "at risk" definitely does not mean they will necessarily be affected, because it seems that, in most cases, the tulpa is not directly affected to any significant degree.

Personally, I suffer from generalized anxiety (and probably social anxiety as well). I've noticed that a few of my tulpae are affected by it to a lesser degree than I am, but most do not seem to be affected by it, fortunately. The indirect effects it has on forcing is that my anxiety probably contributes to my doubts and fears and me generally being a bad host sometimes because I tend to let my fears get in the way of what's right (it probably contributes to me feeling like a bad host more than I should as well).
I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that is well managed with medication. I probably have more intrusive thoughts than others, which can be distracting while forcing, but beyond that I don't see any side effects.
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(04-22-2014, 12:57 AM)Argentum Wrote: I have Aspergers and ADD and I was able to make a tupper just fine.


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