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Tulpae and servitors
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Tulpae and servitors

So about a week ago I started work on making a tulpa. I was told that I should expect results after an average minimum of a month, but today I believe that my tulpa talked to me for the first time. She told me to do some work I had due for college, confirmed that it was actually her speaking, told me that she wasn't yet fully sentient and said she wanted to change her name from "Maven," which I had called her, to "Annea," pronounced "Anna." Then she vanished and left me with a pretty nasty headache. While this is exciting, I was left wondering how I had gained first contact so soon.

After a while I began to think about how I'm a weird person and that when I walk the four mile trip home every day from college I habitually talk to myself to pass the time. I have done this for years. But the interesting thing is that my mental voice will sometimes say things that are unexpected or will even briefly argue with itself. I now wonder if I have, over the course of around four years of talking to myself like a freak, accidentally partially created a tulpa or servitor, maybe multiple as my inner voice seemingly argues with itself. Perhaps because I have already made progress, however unintentional, I have ended up with first contact in a relatively short space of time after beginning conscious efforts to create a tulpa.

Or maybe I'm just schizophrenic.
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04-27-2014, 10:13 PM
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RE: Tulpae and servitors

No, you would be surpised at the number of accidental proto-tuppers floating around here. Many of them are as you describe, or were some sort of imaginary friend that started to talk back. Also, welcome to schizoland.info
04-28-2014, 01:34 AM
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