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Tulpamancy description for singlets / Telling your friends you have a tulpa
Eveecraft, thanks for pointing stuff out, but it doesn't contradict to what I wrote. As I said, plural experience is different for everyone, so I told my story and added some "average" from people I interacted with.

If you don't mind, I'd love to answer on some topics in your post, not to argue with you, but for conversation's sake.

Yes, tulpas can have different abilities than hosts or other tulpas in the system. My point was that if host didn't have a tulpa, they could've learned those abilities anyway. If someone in the system can do it - the other might learn.

Obviously some can switch early on, the tulpamancy learning curve is super-weird and subjective/personal :)

Yeah, you can kill/knock off a tulpa, but it might be very hard. I specifically said that, because some old guides and internet myths say that if you just ignore them, they will disappear. In reality tho, it might be a few magnitudes harder...

> And one final thing, it can be very different being a tulpa if you change forms as well while being in tulpa form instead of being a human.
Oh well, as a host I can do it to *shrugs* :D It's obviously a different experience, but it doesn't have to be ;)

Thanks for expanding the view, I'd add something of it in the article, but it's sort of already big enough for people to be lazy to read it :D

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