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Tulpas and body reactions
When i make a mistake, an error i will eventually over think gradually overtime the possibilities i've could done to prevent that issue or came up a solution and ended up exhaustingly stressing me out.

Knowingly, my tulpas will try and calm me down, eventually i will. Anyway, I noticed that most of the time where my tulpas gets really anxious and expressed strong emotions, i could feel one my limb quivering or trembling, mostly my arms but usually the sensation of weariness. 

Like recently, with my right arm, one of my tulpas was really worried about me that it made my right arm tremble. it felt a bit heavier and weary at the same time making that tulpa very tired.

This happened to me before, pre tulpa but i am curious does anyone else experienced the same thing? 

Body reactions depending the current condition of your tulpas? Even If they are not even possessing?
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This has happened to me several times.

- Body shaking and trembling due to Piano's nervous emotions

- Feeling like I'm going to vomit due to Apollo's anguish

- My jaw trembling during a dentist appointment due to Apollo's fear

- Crying when they're sad, even if I'm not sad

Just to name a few. This hasn't really happened with Luxi, at least not that I've noticed.
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Yeah, stress releases adrenaline, and it doesn't matter who's stressing.
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It doesn't happen so much anymore, but sometimes Annabell will have really strong emotions and it will shake my body, as if I'm shivering. Usually it's because of her expressing love for me. However, I have notice that most people's experience with such things is not as happy as mine.
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I've noticed that if Chris is worked up about something and I'm not, I can start sweating anyway.
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I have a more visceral connection to Elise in this regard than my other tulpas, for instance, if she does something like swaying back and forth to a song I'll find myself doing the same thing.
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katrina{a tulpa that I've had since i was sixteen and may have been the result of a traumatic episode)will make the body laugh if she finds something humourous sometimes.
I've experienced times at the beginning where someone would ask me something and my facial expression would be Ivy's while my verbal answer was entirely different.

I've had the body shake from emotions that Raven or Ivy were experiencing. I've also experienced bleeding arousal.

I've had Raven lock my throat up and choke me when I was drinking something she didn't like.
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